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Mia Khalifa reveals 'holy trinity' jetlag cure as she lands for next leg of globe tour
Mia Khalifa took to Instagram to share a tip with fellow jetsetters.The Onlyfans icon has been hopping all over the globe this year, most recently spending her time in Berlin, London, and even Faversham in Kent.And after a brief stint back in the States, Mia has returned to Europe to hit up the French capital of Paris with friends. READ MORE: Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa goes braless in sultry snaps on first day of Paris holiday With all her time zone swapping, Mia has now revealed how she manages to keep jetlag at bay on her hols - and the answer lies in a "holy trinity" of drinks.Posting to her story, Mia shared a photo of a glass of red wine, water, and a frothy coffee, captioning the image "The jet lag holy trinity".In classic Mia fashion, she was quick to start soaking up the local culture - the star then posted a video of her and a friend enjoying caviar in a swanky French restaurant.She also shared pics of her roaming stunning Parisian streets as she took in the sights of the city of love.The stunning celeb even posed up a storm in a stereotypical French beret, commenting: "The beret was a choice, I don't want to hear any of your commentary!!!!!!!!" Mia may be enjoying la vie en rose right now, but she recently hinted that she might prefer Blighty as she suggested she might even move here one day. The ex-adult filmstar recently spent time in London and shared a quote to her Instagram story following the whistle-stop holiday.The post featured a white screengrab with a white background and black typewriter font, with the message: “Oh, a London scent! I’m moving to London."Nice, when?"I’m manifesting, don’t ask questions."The message was signed off with: “\Wicker Park.
Renters afraid to complain about property faults - for fear of rent increase or eviction
Cracked windows, broken tiles, and leaky taps are the top property faults renters are prepared to put up with – as they fear rent increases or even eviction if they complain to their landlords.Nearly half (43%), of 1,250 tenants polled, said they don't like bothering their landlord with requests for repairs – with 49% saying they would only call their landlord or letting agency for strictly necessary jobs.As a result, more than one in five (22%) are putting up with blocked extractor fans, while 14% are tolerating moth-eaten carpets, and one in ten are getting by using old appliances.More than two in five (44%) believe the rental market is too competitive to worry about small updates needed to where they live.But commonly raised issues that renters are less prepared to live with include signs of damp, mouldy window frames, roof damage, broken locks, and boiler issues.The research was commissioned by UNCLE, whose spokesman said: “Historically, the newer the property, the more energy efficient and up to date a place and its appliances will be.“Whilst living in modern apartments and houses can come at more of a premium, overall, these places offer a peace of mind when looking at overall outgoings on bills, and from a safety point of view.“But it is outrageous that so many are scared to ask for repairs to be made and are left living in bad conditions, unable to affect their accommodation for the better.”The research found that fear of rent increasing is of particular worry for two-thirds (67%) of those living in the East Midlands and East of England.Overall, 43% have had to call their landlord out for a repair at some point in their renting life – with the North East, the North West, and West Midlands being the top regions to
Men are lying about their penis size and it's turning women off
READ MORE: Sexpert on how to find 'sex language' – see if you're earth, air, water or fireAccording to the research by Innerbody, the average verified penis size was 6.2inches.But one in four men often exaggerate their penis size - with the average man adding 2.3inches to his true size.The experts added that three quarters of women claimed a man lying about how well-endowed he is would be a major turn-off.Nearly half of the men also admitted they had taken drugs including Viagra in a bid to live up to size expectations.With 85% describing themselves as ‘growers' over ‘showers’.These findings suggest that men are placing huge importance on penis size, but does it actually matter to women?According to the study, 35.4% of women say no, and an additional 39% say it only matters sometimes.Additionally, half of the women admitted they’ve been a victim of size intimidation before - as intercourse with a large penis can cause the receiving partner pain if not done carefully.For more lifestyle stories, sign up to the free Hot Topics newsletter hereAnd when it comes to what is “too big,” the statistic is smaller than what you might think.A 2016 study found that women found men with proportionate and larger flaccid penises more attractive until they hit three inches, at which point any difference in attraction slowly began to decline.All in all, men might have more to worry about when it comes to lying to their partners than not measuring up.
Ex-teacher, 69, scooped £3.6m on EuroMillions after buying ticket with minutes to spare
EuroMillions jackpot after copping her ticket just minutes to go before the sale of them closed.When Celeste Coles, 69, checked her numbers she began to realise that she was in for some big stacks of cash, but rather than celebrating by jumping around the room, she sat down and calmly had a glass of water.Her daughters wouldn't even believe her, convinced she was being scammed – but now, with confirmation that it was all real, she is quids in and getting ready to enjoy her newfound wealth.READ MORE: 'Hurt' Queen Elizbeth was 'exhausted by the turmoil' of Harry and Meghan, claims new bookThe Birmingham mum-of-two said: “I play occasionally but that afternoon I received an email referring to the large EuroMillions jackpot that night and thought to myself I must get a ticket.“Remembering just moments before the sales closed I got myself a Lucky Dip ticket. I didn’t think much of it and was about to go to bed when I remembered and thought I’d quickly check the draw results.“One by one I ticked off the numbers, by the fifth main number I knew I’d won something big-ish, but then when I spotted I had also matched one of the Lucky Stars I knew I’d won something even BIGGER!!”But even in the heat of her entire life changing within an instant, she insists she didn’t get carried away.“I’ve always been a pretty calm person, so there was no whooping from me, but I did decide a glass of water and a sit down was in order.
Mum killed by great white shark was restaurant owner on holiday with daughter, five
great white shark was enjoying a holiday with her family who were on the beach when she was killed, it is believed.Restaurant owner Kimon Bisogno, 39, had taken a break from the pizza house she ran in Cape Town, South Africa, to visit a luxury resort with her daughter, Luna, five, and the "love-of-her-life" Diego Milesi, 40.Just before 8am yesterday (Sunday, September 25), Kimon was casually wading through the water at Plettenberg Bay when a beastly great white shark darted towards her under the cover of a wave.READ MORE: Woman mauled to death by great white shark on morning swim in shallow watersWitnesses said Kimon had only been waist-deep when the water around her suddenly “turned red” and a frenzied evacuation from the sea was launched by fellow screaming swimmers.The inshore craft from the National Sea Rescue Institute was launched and was quickly on the scene and found Kimon’s blood-soaked body floating in the surf about 50 yards out from where she was attacked.The instant attack was so brutal that nothing could be done to save the young mum as the lifeboat men pulled her badly bitten body onto a stretcher and returned to base.Her body was handed over to the police and forensic pathologists will carry out a post mortem and an inquest will be held and in the meantime her family have been offered trauma counselling.Normally great white shark victims quickly of blood loss when their arteries are severed by the razor-sharp teeth and many as a result suffer from heart attacks.It was the second death in the same idyllic resort in just three months and the third in 11 years and the beach was closed down and shark warning signs erected.Last night close friend Carmin Commins said on Facebook: “I have scrolled through your