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‘Jeopardy!’ clues stump contestants into worst season ever: ‘Struggle bus’

according to show recappers. Coryat is a player’s score if wagering is disregarded.Collette Lee, an Illinois middle school math teacher, human rights lawyer Kristine Rembach, and Georgia networking engineer Suresh Krishnan did not even attempt to buzz in for the 23 clues.Warning: “Jeopardy!” spoilers ahead. Seven of the stumpers took place during the Jeopardy round, and 16 more occurred in Double Jeopardy, meaning that more than half the board in the second round went unanswered.Two Daily Doubles were answered incorrectly, and two clues were left unplayed.One Reddit user claimed the known record for “Jeopardy!” triple stumpers is 24, set in 2005.The Post has contacted “Jeopardy!” reps for comment.

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