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Adult Animation Could Help Lure Audiences Back to Cinemas, Experts Say

Lise Pedersen An A-list panel was invited to discuss the question of animated film for adults in a conversation entitled “What Is Adult Animation Film’s Strategy and Where Is It Headed?” at the Cannes Film Market’s fourth edition of Animation Day on Sunday.Panelists included Dutch-born French filmmaker Jan Kounen (“Doberman,” “Blueberry,” “My Cousin”), who also presented his latest project “Epiphania” in the morning’s pitching sessions, alongside Sun Creature (“Flee”) co-founder and producer Charlotte de La Gournerie, Bruno Felix, founder and co-CEO of Amsterdam-based Submarine (“They Shot the Piano Player,” “Where Is Anne Frank?”), and Amel Lacombe, CEO and founder of Paris-based indie distributor Eurozoom. Asked whether the perception of adult animation is evolving, Lacombe, who heads Europe’s leading theatrical distributor of Japanese animation, alluded to the genre’s exponential growth over the past two years, saying: “Change will come with big money and big business.

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World's 'most endangered tribe' are expert hunters and eat monkeys but may be wiped out
Turiaçu reserve, but there are others who prefer to keep moving, creating a disconnect between them and the rest of civilisation.The Awa people's official language is Guaja, a Tupi-Guarani language.They have continued to pay homage to their original homeland and history by using bow and arrows.While the Awa that are settled have also become skilled marksmen by confiscating shotguns from poachers, they maintain an expertly crafted bow and set of arrows in case ammunition runs out.However, for the uncontacted contingent, they firmly survive by hunting with 2-metre bows.Husbands are encouraged by their wives to use the forest to hunt bountiful game meat, but not everything is up for grabs.They also have a respectful approach to Mother Nature, refusing to eat the sacred capybaras, a creature that symbolises surviving in dangerous territories and the wisdom of water, as well as the harpy eagle.The Awa also refuse to eat bats as it is said to cause headaches, as well as hummingbirds because they're too small to eat. Other animals are only hunted at specific times of the year, to preserve both the Awa's future as well as that of the forest.The Awa people's strong connection to nature extends to the jungle and its other inhabitants.For instance, if tribespeople find a baby animal during a hunt, they will bring it back with them to raise it as though it was their own child, sometimes even breastfeeding it.Regarded as 'extraordinary' pet keepers, most families have more animals than people, caring for creatures such as raccoon-like coatis to wild pigs, king vultures and their favourite - monkeys.
Meghan and Harry visit could 'overshadow' Queen and working royals at Jubilee - expert
Queen has been warned she cannot have a Prince Harry and Meghan Markle "sideshow" at her Platinum Jubilee celebrations because it would create resentment among other Royal Family members.Royal commentator Camilla Tominey said it is important the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not take away the limelight from working members of the family, including Princess Anne, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Earl and Countess of Wessex.She said it is vital next month’s celebrations are about the Queen.Speaking to The Telegraph, she explained: “You can include the Sussexes, but you don’t want some sort of Harry and Meghan side show going on when the main event must be HMQ the Queen and equally there will be other members of the Royal Family who are still doing the daily grind who will resent being overshadowed by Harry and Meghan even if they don’t admit it.“You’re not going to want to have the likes of Princess Anne and the Earl and Countess of Wessex for instance who day in day out plant trees, unveil plaques and go to the openings of royal envelopes only to have the media completely focus on Harry and Meghan who aren’t playing a role at all in the so called family.”Her comments come ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, taking place from June 2 to June 5, which Harry and Meghan said they were "excited and honoured" to be invited to. But the pair will not join the Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace because that privilege is only reserved for working members of the Firm.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters hereThis will be the first time the Queen meets Harry's daughter, Lilibet Diana.
What to do if your partner's penis is 'too big' – from sex positions to silicone rings
sex to be less pleasurable.Sexpert Isabelle Uren from Bedbible, has therefore discussed what receiving partners can do, so they can still have pleasurable penetrative sex with a partner with a larger penis.Talking about the issue, she said: "No matter what the issue is, sex should be pleasurable, not painful, so never just suffer through it in silence!"She suggested deep breathing and relaxation as a first step on how to deal with a large penis."Being nervous about the size of your partner’s penis can make you tense and make penetration more difficult, so try to incorporate some deep breathing and relaxation techniques beforehand to help release muscle tension," said Isabelle."Good communication with your partner is also key, as they don’t know what you are feeling physically and emotionally."If you are dealing with a partner who's penis is very 'long', Isabelle warned that you might find the head of their penis bangs into your cervix, which can be very painful.To help make sex more pleasurable in this instance, she suggested using silicone rings called OhNut.She explained: "These silicone rings sit around the base of your partner's penis and act as a buffer that prevents your partner from thrusting too deeply."They come in a stackable set of four rings, so you adjust them to suit your needs."The expert also recommended trying different sex positions.She suggested avoiding positions where your partner thrusts into you 'are more likely to end up in pain', saying: "No no matter how good their intentions are, it's almost impossible for them to know how deep they can go."Instead, Isabelle suggested getting on top as you can 'control the movements and can better control how deep your partner's penis goes'.Positions she