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“Flop” Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow goes viral for being so terrible
Wonka-themed chocolate “experience” in Glasgow has been branded as “awful” by furious parents and forced to shut just hours after opening.Dubbed as ‘Willy’s Chocolate Experience’, the event advertised “a celebration of sweetness and imagination”, inspired by the hit movie Wonka and the Roald Dahl book that inspired it.Tickets cost £35 and promised audio and visual effects, dancing Oompa-Loompas and chocolate fountains, but delivered little more than a barely-decorated warehouse with a smattering of plastic candy canes and a small bouncy castle.Outraged parents began demanding a refund shortly after it opened, describing it as a “farce” run by “cowboys”. The event’s organisers, House of Illuminati, decided to pull the plug just hours into its opening day.apparently this was sold as a live Willy Wonka Experience but they used all AI images on the website to sell tickets and then people showed up and saw this and it got so bad people called the cops lmao— Chris Alsikkan (@AlsikkanTV) February 26, 2024they charged $45 for this— Chris Alsikkan (@AlsikkanTV) February 26, 2024Police Scotland also sent officers to the scene after receiving a number of official complaints.House of Illuminati issued an apology and guaranteed to refund all customers within 10 days.
John Waters reportedly set to make first film in 20 years and it will star Aubrey Plaza
Hairspray director John Waters is set to begin production on his first film in 20 years, according to reports.As per World of Reel, Aubrey Plaza will take the lead in Liarmouth – an adaptation of Waters’ book of the same name that was released in 2022.The book was described by publishers on its release as a “hilariously filthy tale of sex, crime, and family dysfunction” and was subtitled, “A Feel-Bad Romance.”Liarmouth focuses on a compulsive liar and scammer Marsha Sprinkle who splits from her partner Daryl and steals from both her daughter and her mother.The project was first announced in 2022 via Deadline, but appears to have been delayed due to last year’s writers’ and actors’ strikes.Waters’ last film in the director’s chair was 2004’s A Dirty Shame, which starred Tracey Ullman, Johnny Knoxville and Selma Blair.Waters broke through with cult films like Pink Flamingos and Polyester before films like Hairspray, Cry-Baby and Serial Mom made him a household name.Last year, Waters named Ari Aster’s dark comedy Beau Is Afraid as the best film of 2023.The director shared his annual list of favorite movies of the year with Vulture, placing the A24 film at the very top.“A superlong, super-crazy, super-funny movie about one man’s mental breakdown with a cast better than Around the World in 80 Days: Joaquin Phoenix, Patti LuPone, Parker Posey, Nathan Lane, and Amy Ryan,” Waters wrote.