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Robin Williams' wife addresses actor's health woes leading to star's tragic death

The film star began suffering from stomach cramps, heartburn, and digestive issues.He then started to have issues with his sight and smell, causing him to become more anxious and have disturbed sleep.Eventually, he experienced motor disturbances, causing him to sometimes freeze mid-movement.Speaking to the New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff for his biography, Robin, Susan said dealing with the symptoms was like "playing whack-a-mole". Susan said: "It was like this endless parade of symptoms, and not all of them would raise their head at once.“It was like playing whack-a-mole.

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Thief caught scooping coins out of monkey enclosure pond 'could now have deadly herpes'
READ MORE: New species of rattlesnake discovered with bite so potent it leaves people disabled However, the majority of macaques around the world carry the herpes B virus - including the monkeys at City Park, as a sign next to the enclosure advises.Mayor Albert Van Zetten said: "Unfortunately, this action has potentially exposed the intruder to the herpes B virus, which is carried by the City Park monkeys."The virus is not considered a risk to the monkeys and exhibits symptoms similar to that of cold sores in humans."For humans who contract the illness, however, consequences can be more concerning - and can even lead to death.Van Zetten advised that symptoms include "blistering, pain, numbness near the infection point, flu-like symptoms, including fever, muscle aches, headache, and fatigue, respiratory distress, encephalitis [inflammation of the brain's active tissues] and neurological dysfunction".More than thirty deaths have been caused as a result of contracting the virus - although so far there has only been one confirmed case of human-to-human transmission.The Mayor also claimed the robber caused damage to an electric fence of the enclosure and stole "coins out of the surrounding moat".Van Zetten confirmed that Tasmania Police and the Tasmanian Department of Health had been notified of the break-in and were aware of the potential risks posed."We ask that anyone with information regarding the break-in contact Tasmania Police immediately," he continued."But importantly, [the] council urges the intruder to seek medical attention as a matter of some urgency."READ NEXT: Potentially deadly flu-like virus discovered in China – passed to humans from shrews Terrifying note warning 'bomb on this plane' saw emergency
Real Housewives' Seema spent 'six months' in and out of A&E with crippling pain
The Real Housewives of Cheshire's Seema Malhotra has opened up about her experience with the menopause, after her toughest moments happened during lockdown.Seema, 50, has openly discussed her journey on the hit ITVBe reality show but is now planning to open up in a new documentary, documenting the girls experience with the menopause.The mum-of-two explained that she sits down with her mum and discusses their experiences for the first time in her life.READ MORE: Real Housewives' Lauren didn't understand menopause as doctors 'palmed her off' Now, the Forever Unique director is hoping more people will talk openly about the menopause and hopes The Real Housewives with their friends and family.Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star about her experience getting medical help, the mum-of-two said: "It was hard, my toughest moments were probably through lockdown."I had two ovarian cysts, over seven centimetres big ruptured and I was in and out of A&E because I couldn't see a GP."I was having these telephone triage calls and it was only after lockdown lifted that I could get into hospital to see someone and during that time, I'd self-Googled thinking 'I've got ovarian cancer because these cysts were coming every two to three weeks'."I didn't have anything or anyone to help me, I'd say six months were horrific and that's when I went into my darkets place."But all I would say to anyone that's having these symptoms, you've got to go to your GP and you have to push for blood tests, it was only until I had a blood test that it showed I had no oestrogen and no testosterone."The star admitted that she's started to notice her joints had started becoming sore as well as noticing symptoms such as being emotional and brain fog."I've only had