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Brillante Mendoza’s ‘Moro’ Heads to Netflix in Asia; Fire and Ice for World Sales (EXCLUSIVE)

Patrick Frater Asia Bureau Chief “Moro,” a tale of fractious fraternal relations that debuted last year in the Jiseok section of the Busan International Film Festival, has begun airing on Netflix in Southeast Asia, including director Brillante Mendoza’s native Philippines. In other territories, the film’s rights are being represented by Manila-based finance, production and sales firm Fire and Ice. With a screenplay by Honeylyn Joy Alipio, and production by Mendoza’s Center Stage Productions, “Moro” tells a story about a widowed mother (played by Laurice Guillen) who tries to reconcile two brothers who are feuding over a piece of disputed land in Mindanao. The older brother is diligent and responsible, the younger one has squandered his savings on gambling.

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