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Latest Covid travel rules for Spain, Greece, France, Italy and more holiday hotspots

Holidays are back, and this summer there are heaps of hotspots like Spain, Portugal, Greece and France welcoming back Brits looking for some much-needed sun, sea and sand. Whether you're planning to hit the beach in Tenerife, explore the Greek Islands or finally tick off some bucket list city breaks in Italy, there are heaps of options for sun-starved explorers. However, while the UK may have lifted its travel rules, this isn't the case everywhere; in fact, most countries still have some entry requirements in place for UK holidaymakers.

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Woman scarred by freckle tattoos puts snails on face in attempt to heal damage
TikTok beauty trend to try and get freckles was left with scars across her face.Tilly Whitfield, who appeared on Big Brother Australia, has been attempting to clear her skin ever since the DIY cosmetic procedure went horribly wrong last year.And this month, she left fans in shock as she posted a video of herself with snails on her face.The 22-year-old was captured having a 'snail facial', which involved four of the creepy crawlies slithering over her face and leaving behind mucus.Tilly claimed the mucus is made up of hyaluronic acid which helps to heal scar tissue – and the clip showed her having the molluscs individually placed on her face before she went onto flash a smile.As the video was posted, the influencer had some words of warning for fans: "Please do not attempt this at home, snails carry diseases and this was done at my own risk."These [snails] are not from the garden they are purchased from a breeder and this was supervised so nothing was ingested.”A few years back Tilly was known to appear on screen in a blue clay mask – which she said was to help her cover up redness – but the young woman later admitted that it was actually due to an accident that occurred when she tried to give herself faux-freckles.Speaking to The New York Times, Tilly explained that the DIY treatment she tried to pull off left her with angry, red burns on her cheeks and temporary blindness.She decided to give it a go after she watched a TikTok video where a beauty fan used a sewing needle to prick her skin with ink which reported results that lasted six months.Taking matters into her own hands the TV star then ordered some brown tattoo ink from eBay to test out the hack, but was left with nothing other than regret.
'Could've saved my breast' Julia Bradbury addresses 'brutal' cancer in health breakthrough
“Thousands of other women could be saved from the trauma of brutal treatment.“Lives could be saved if this test was available on the NHS. Please share.“#mastectomy #breastcancer #Awareness #prevention.”Julia accompanied the post with an article which detailed the genetic test rollout.Julia was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2021 and she received the news while filming for This Morning in the forest. The former Countryfile presenter had a mastectomy to have a 6cm tumour removed from her left breast.The post read: “Breakthrough for breast cancer as simple saliva test could spot women at the highest risk years earlier.“Saving thousands of under-50s.”The test is used alongside the standard medical and life history information and as a measure of women's breast density.It has accurately predicted a higher risk of breast cancer in just under 50 per cent of those who got it.Professor Gareth Evans, who led the study at Manchester University, said: “If all these women took drugs to prevent breast cancer, that could prevent a quarter of breast cancer cases and potentially save the lives of 2,000 women a year.He added to the Daily Mail: “If young women at high risk were offered annual mammograms, that could save hundreds more a year.Researchers want the one-off genetic test to be rolled out to women at around the age of 30, safely before they are eligible for mammograms aged 50.Fans took to Julia’s post to share their thoughts.@Juliagrant20 posted: “Can we please remember that 2% of breast cancer cases are men.“My late husband being one of them.“#menhavebreaststoo You have a platform to remind people of this, thank you.“Good look with your recovery.”Julia then replied: “Yes and I do whenever I can.
Celebrity hair stylist shares top tips for women worried about styling hair at home
Women are worried about cutting or colouring their own hair at home – over fears they’ll be left with bald patches, uneven cuts, or locks that turn a strange shade.A poll of 2,000 females found eight in ten have attempted to do some home styling in the past, including cutting, colouring and perming.But over a quarter of those (28%) admitted they have never got it quite right and, as a result, 34% had to ask a professional to sort it out.Burning hair on heated styling products, cutting it too short, and jagged fringes were also among the top fears of home styling.When it comes to colouring their own hair, women are afraid of damaging the texture, or choosing the wrong shade for their skin tone and regretting it afterwards.To combat the nervousness of at-home styling, hair stylist Michael Douglas and Clairol have teamed up to share their tips to make the process as easy as possible.These include smothering highlights in conditioner to avoid dyeing over them, how to colour on dirty hair, and starting from the back and working forward.He also advised not to fret about how long you leave the product in for, as it stops developing after 40 minutes – and to always patch test 48 hours before beginning.Michael Douglas said: “When you are at home, it can be tough to style your own hair, especially the back, so it's no wonder so many are worried about getting it wrong.“It’s no surprise so many are worried about cutting too short, changing texture, and choosing the wrong shade – but there are simple tricks to avoid this from happening and avoid having to correct mistakes.“If you follow the instructions on the pack, there is very little margin for error.