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Clubbers, rejoice: Uber is launching in Ibiza

Diario de Ibiza, Uber is set to launch tomorrow (November 29) with 14 cars initially available for use on the island.The number of cars available is set to increase over the coming months as more drivers become accustomed to the taxi service technology and are granted the required VTC licenses from local authorities.Uber’s director general in Spain and Portugal, Fernández Aramburu, said (per DJ Mag): “As we do in other cities in the rest of Spain, we open the availability of our service to the taxi sector, to any other fleet of a company with VTC [licenses] or to self-employed people who have a [VTC] license.”The launch will include two kinds of services, Uber Comfort and Uber Van which can carry anywhere from four to six passengers. Uber will take a 12 per cent commission fee for the trips but has offered drivers an incentive to join with €150 (£130) for their first 25 trips.

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