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Kanye West baffles fans as he makes Kris Jenner his Instagram profile picture after feud

Kanye West has puzzled fans after changing his Instagram profile picture to a photo of Kris Jenner.On Wednesday, the US rapper, 45, threw his 17.5 million followers for a loop when he changed his icon to a headshot of his former mother-in-law.The surprising upload followed Kanye feuding with Kris, 66, and his former partner Kim Kardashian, 41, on social media.READ MORE:Kanye West sympathises with UK as he 'lost my queen too' after Kim Kardashian splitExplaining the photo to fans several hours later, Kanye revealed he had posted the image with the hopes of "changing the narrative" on their public fallout.To his Instagram stories, he wrote: "I POSTED KRIS WITH THOUGHTS OF PEACE AND RESPECT. LET'S CHANGE THE NARRATIVE."The post comes shortly after Kanye launched a social media tirade against Kim and Kris after disagreeing on where he and Kim's children should go to school.In a series of heated comments, the Gold Digger hitmaker also accused Kris of "making" her daughters Kim and Kylie Jenner pose for Playboy.Earlier this month, he penned: "Don't let Kris make you do Playboy like she made Kyle [Kylie Jenner] and Kim do.

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This Morning's Holly Willoughby reunites with old co-star amid 'Queuegate' chaos
This Morning's Holly Willoughby has shared a sweet post dedicated to her friend and former co-star Keith Lemon.For years, Holly starred on the ITV2 show alongside Keith, who is played by Leigh Francis, and Ferne Cotton.It seems like the pair have rekindled for a catchup if social media is anything to go by as she shared his Instagram Story of them both.READ MORE: Bar offers free queue jump if 'your name is Holly or Phil' amid This Morning rowOn Wednesday (September 28), Keith shared a close-up snap of the two together smiling on his profile.He captioned the snap: "Lovely seeing @hollywilloughby this morning!"Holly then reshared the picture and wrote: "Love you @keithlemon..."This could mean that the pair could be reuniting on screen very soon – which would thrill fans.Though this does come after Holly and her ITV co-star Phillip Schofield have come under fire by fans who claim they shouldn't have "skipped the queue" at Westminster Hall when visiting the Queen lying in state.Over 75,000 people have now signed a petition to get Holly and Phil off air on This Morning as they request for them to be axed.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking hereThough A Place in The Sun's Laura Hamilton believes this is far-fetched and that the two deserve to stay.Laura backed them both and explained how she thinks they should keep their jobs on the ITV programme.During an exclusive Facebook Live, Laura said that she didn't want to comment on it, but agrees that they should stay and that they're "both brilliant presenters."READ NEXT:Graham Norton offered queue jump ticket along with Holly and Phil to see Queen’s coffinITV's Anne Hegerty defends Holly and
Hollyoaks characters who could die in the explosion - Mercedes McQueen to Silas Blissett
Hollyoaks tonight (September 28), as Silas carries out his terrifying games in the soap's stunt week.Mercedes has escaped Silas' basement, but will she outrun him? And will Therese and Goldie survive the horrific escape room?READ NEXT: Hollyoaks Mercedes McQueen death teased as Jennifer Metcalfe says 'anything can happen'Fans have taken to social media to discuss which characters could die in the explosive events - and which characters they do not want to see go.Here, Daily Star looks at the characters who could die in Hollyoaks' stunt week.The McQueen family are in danger this week after Silas Blissett returned to the village intent on destroying their lives.He had previously set Olivia Bradshaw the task of bringing him Bobby McQueen, otherwise, he would kill Mercedes - but some fans think that the tables could be turned on him.Tonight's episode sees Silas challenge the McQueens to a game of chess, where the electrified board proves fatal - so could Silas die?One fan said: "Hope that Silas is stopped soon," while a second added: "I think Silas dies."A third commented: "It's looking likely Silas will be the death, with one main character also being killed off."A fourth added that whether Silas dies or not, they hope this will be the last Hollyoaks sees of him, saying: "Hopefully after this Silas never comes back.
Hilarious 'orgasm' moaning on flight intercom system finally explained by airline
American Airlines has been forced to clarify what exactly a strange “orgasming” noise coming from its PA system was during a flight.The weird occurrence happened during an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Dallas last week.Video of the incident, posted on social media by actor Emerson Collins, went viral and shows how passengers were trying very hard not to laugh at strange noises comparable only to someone either orgasming, throwing up or suffering from severe constipation.READ MORE: Bloke who bagged £2.9million wishes he hadn't won and is sick of people asking for helpThe pilot, who seemed annoyed, was heard telling passengers they were trying to figure out what it was, while cabin crew were speculating that it was a “prank”.During the flight, the captain said: “Please be patient with us, we know it’s a very odd anomaly, and none of us are enjoying it, so we do appreciate your attention just for a few more moments until we figure out how to turn it off.”Collins, whose video has now been seen more than 1.2 million times on Twitter, claimed it was possible someone had “broken into” the on-board intercom system to make the hilarious noises.Some on social media added their own guesses to what it might have been.One user wrote: “This happened to me last week.“It wasn’t the whole flight, but periodically weird phrases and sounds.“Then a huge 'oh yeah' when we landed. “We thought the pilot left his mic open.” And another said: “I'm an aircraft engineer and depending on the model of plane, after they reach a certain age, they go through a lot of pain to get in the air.
Pornhub permanently banned from Instagram despite claiming its account was 'PG'
Instagram even after saying its account was "fully PG".The popular pornographic website's social presence has taken a blow after Instagram removed the official account from its platform following pressure from anti-pornography groups.A Meta spokesperson has since gone on record to confirm the account was removed, saying: "We've permanently disabled this Instagram account for repeatedly violating our policies."READ MORE: Conspiracy nutters claim Reebok Classics are 'Satanic' and resemble feet of occult goatThe Pornhub Instagram account is said to have racked up a number of terms of service breaches over the decade it was active on the social media app, with several warnings administered. Meta has claimed it notified Pornhub about the posts that violated its terms of service, but did not disclose which posts from the account had violated said terms.Meta did, however, make note of its terms describing adult content, nudity, sexual solicitation and guidelines on the accumulating violations of its terms of service.Pornhub took to Twitter and shared an open letter from various pornographers, performers, industry activism groups and models protesting the ban.The letter read: "Sex workers and performers have been unfairly targeted in the form of bans, shadow bans, suspensions, loss of Live privileges, and content removal, despite taking extra care not to violate Instagram's Community Guidelines."The letter also took a jab at Kim Kardashian, with the Pornhub Twitter account adding: "Pornhub's safe-for-work account has been disabled for three weeks.