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Man who 'does no chores' calls girlfriend petty for only making her side of bed
TikTok followers where the regularly share what they get up to in their relationship. In a recent clip, the lad has admitted that he does no housework even though the pair have been together for six years.So it seems that Sarah has finally got revenge.The viral video has racked up 4million views and a barrage of comments from women who have praised the girlfriend for her no-nonsense approach.Bob filmed their grey and white colour schemed bedroom and revealed that the bed had only been made on one side.He claimed in the clip: “When your girlfriend is working at pettiness level 100.“Right, I’ve got in from work and I appreciate I don’t do any chores in the house and this has been acknowledged in the past.“But I feel like this is a message because she’s made her side of the bed and left my side.”Wanting the opinions of his thousands of fans, Bob asked for them to rate Sarah’s antics on a scale of one to 10.He asked: “So on a level she’s got a point, 10 being she’s got a point and one she’s being petty – what do you guys think? This is a sign from the Gods this.”And, to no surprise, many women blasted Bob for not doing any chores and praised Sarah for making her point.One woman commented: “Yeah, children do 'chores', adults care for their home and life together.”Another added: “I need to start doing this.”While a third person slammed: “She’s your girlfriend not your mam.”Someone else noted: “She now is considering whether she wants to stay in a relationship with you.