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Man Utd unveiled John Obi Mikel before star's last-gasp transfer to Chelsea

Manchester United as a new player before switching to Chelsea.The former Nigeria captain, who has recently announced his retirement from football, was subject to one of the craziest transfer sagas to date.Just after the midfielder turned 18 years old, he was seemingly bought by United after the club announced that they had struck a deal with Lyn - a Norwegian side. Reports said at the time that the deal was initially worth £4million and would see the youngster make the move to Old Trafford in January 2006.READ MORE: Antonio Rudiger's 'goofy a** superpower' run for Real Madrid has fans howlingBut to complicate matters, Chelsea issued a counter-claim suggesting that they already had an agreement with Mikel and his representatives.

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Hollyoaks double death victims revealed as two killed after village explosion horror
Hollyoaks characters were killed off during an explosive hour-long special.Viewers were left on the edge of their seats during Wednesday's (September 28) first-look episode on E4.Theresa (Jorgie Porter) and Goldie McQueen (Chelsee Healey) found themselves trapped in an escape room by serial killer Silas Blissett (Jeff Rowle).READ MORE: Hollyoaks Mercedes McQueen death teased as Jennifer Metcalfe says 'anything can happen'They had to decide on which one survived and which one died but they both managed to escape his evil clutches.As Prince McQueen (Malique Thomspon-Dwyer) rushed towards the escape room to help his family, it exploded sending a ripple of flames through the carnival.Later, Police officer Lexi Caler (Natalie Anderson) offered to get Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) to safety after finding out he’s been left unattended.As she looked for the young boy in the dark, she found someone wearing a clown mask.However, she unknowingly walked into a trap as the person in the disguise was later revealed to be evil Silas, not his grandson Bobby.He whacked her over the head with an object, leaving the copper lifeless on the floor.Later in the episode, Silas challenged the McQueens to a game of chess with an electrified board.Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) later ordered her family members to leave as it was her Silas has a problem with and not them.Silas and Mercedes asked Bobby to pick between them and he opted to stay with his mum.He tried to grab Bobby away from Mercedes but she pushed the old man and hit his head on the floor.As Mercedes called the police, Bobby walked away and as he walked past his grandad, Silas grabbed his foot.He began chatting to Bobby about his childhood and in a soap twist, Bobby pushed Silas