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Elvis Presley's will - earnings, tax debt, sole heir to fortune and royalties revelation
Elvis biopic is retelling the story of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, whose tragic death in 1977 shocked the world.Starring Austin Butler as the singer, and Tom Hanks as his manager Colonel Parker, the highly anticipated film launches in cinemas today (June 24, 2022).Over 45 years since Elvis' death, his music and legacy continues to be loved by fans across the world, with his records relived in the new biopic.READ NEXT: Where are the 80s action heroes now – antisemitism row, affair and hunting backlashHowever despite his huge fame, it is reported that Elvis only left a small fortune in his will following his death - with revelations about his royalties soon coming to light.Elvis Presley was the undisputed king of rock 'n' roll, and as such, he amassed huge earnings from his hit singles, concerts - including his famous Las Vegas residency - and films.It is no surprise then that the king is thought to have earned over £762million throughout his career.However, Elvis was known to be a very generous man and would regularly spend his money on family and friends.It is reported that if he was running low on money, he would book another tour or schedule a recording session - with the singer earning around £250,000 from a new album - along with concerts grossing on average £130,000 a night according to the LA Times.Despite his staggering earnings throughout his lifetime however, it is reported that the star only had £3.8m in his bank account at the time of his death.Additionally, the family also had to pay an IRS estate tax of £7.6m in 1981, after the IRS reportedly misvalued Elvis' estate - which was reported to be worth £22.5m instead of the first estimate of £4.9m.Following Elvis' tragic death on August 16, 1977, the singer's
Shark-feasting megalodon remains fiercest sea monster ever with gigantic teeth
megalodon is the deadliest shark to have ever lived, according to a new scientific study.Megatooth sharks which includes the fearsome megalodon, have long been considered prehistoric rulers of the world's oceans but research into their gnashers claims to confirm it.Examining thousands of shark teeth has proven the megalodon was the ultimate apex predator, surpassing all else on record as it feasted on other predators.READ MORE: Clueless paddle boarder stalked by shark in nerve-wracking drone footageThe scientists says material found on their giant teeth earned them the highest “trophic level”, otherwise known as top of its food chain as can be possible. Study first author Dr Emma Kast, also addresses fears and conspiracy theories that the extinct apex predator is still alive and preying on the likes of great white sharks.The report 'Cenozoic megatooth sharks occupied extremely high trophic positions' was published in the journal Science Advances, on Wednesday (June 22) and has excited fans of the phenomenal sea monster.Research from scientists such as those from Princeton University, proved that being the biggest creature lurking underwater really did mean in the megalodon's case, being top dog in the food chain.Dr Emma said in a statement: “Megalodon and the other megatooth sharks were genuinely enormous carnivores that ate other predators, and Meg went extinct only a few million years ago.”As with a third of all large marine animals, the megalodon died out 3.6 million years ago by the end of the Pliocene, when the planet entered a phase of global cooling.
Warning as flashing builder's bum in the scorching summer sun can kill
record temperatures for the UK this summer - with bookies saying they could top 40C - outdoor workers are being advised to cover up to guard against the deadly effects of UV radiation.READ MORE: Brits set for 'warmer than average' summer as hot spell to return next weekThe nation’s two million builders are among those most in danger as they will find staying in the shade almost impossible.And no matter how hard they try to cover up one part of the body has a traditional habit of peeping out - and it is hard to reach with sunscreen.Builder’s bums are such a hotspot for sunburn health and safety officials and construction firm bosses have dished out advice on how to avoid over exposure.According to the Health and Safety Executive UV radiation should be considered an occupational hazard for people who work outdoors’.It warns construction workers to keep your top on’ and wear a wide-brimmed hat that covers the ears and back of the neck’.They should stay in the shade whenever possible’ during breaks and lunch, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and slap on at least factor 15 sunscreen on any exposed skin’.The Institution Of Occupational Safety and Health said 1,700 people a year were diagnosed with skin cancer as a direct result’ of exposure to the sun at work.Of those cases 60 prove fatal and 44% of deaths are in the construction industry.But a survey by skin care manufacturer SC Johnson Professional before the pandemic found just one in four outdoor workers wore sunscreen on the job - though most slapped it on while on holiday.According to Safety & Health Practitioner magazine: For construction workers the risk is even higher than the average outdoor worker with UV radiation reflecting on concrete, grass and