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Couple who think they might have same dad take DNA test after dating for 2 years

TikTok followers in shock as they revealed they could possibly be half-siblings after finding out their mums bonked the same bloke. The loved-up pair, who also post saucy OnlyFans content together, went viral after they initially posted about considering getting a DNA test to check.

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Love Island's Davide branded 'real villain' with brutal Danica snub after kiss
Love Island's Davide has been branded a "villain" after he savagely snubbed Danica in a chaotic recoupling.The villa was hit with a shock recoupling on Friday night (June 24), which broke up several island couples and baffled the fans at home.Italian hunk Davide decided to ditch dancer Danica for new girl Antigone - despite sharing a passionate kiss with Danica the night before.READ MORE:Love Island’s Davide won’t rule out sex in the villa if 'right attraction' is thereDanica was visibly annoyed as Davide announced his choice by the fire pit, which is infamous for explosive Love Island moments.Fans flocked to Twitter during the tense recoupling scenes - with many calling Davide a villain for snubbing Danica.Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HERE.One wrote: "Damn I think Davide is actually the real villain here."A second agreed: "Davide is not serious, how savage of him to kiss Danica the other day giving her false hope; only to recouple with Antigoni"A third commented: "Davide didnt even pick Danica after kissing her last night? Yet everyone says Ekin Su is the villain."Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comA fourth penned: "Davide kissing Danica only to couple up with Antigoni really isn’t sitting well with me.
Love Island recoupling - will Tasha and Andrew split and could Paige be stolen by Jay?
Love Island, which will see a tense recoupling.This time the boys have a tough decision to make as they’ll be the ones choosing which girl they want to couple up with.The recoupling comes after the Islanders had a busy day in last night’s episode.Davide made his move on Danica while new bombshell Charlie and Tasha got to know each other on a steamy hot tub date.Meanwhile, Ekin-Su came to blows with Jay in an explosive argument after he revealed he was interested in Paige.Now, things in the villa are really heating up and tonight’s recoupling could change the dynamic completely.Here’s how the couples are likely to change.Danica entered the villa less than a week ago as a bombshell and the Islanders were shocked when she had to choose a boy to couple up with after less than 24 hours on the show.Taking a chance, Danica chose Luca Bish, who she said looked most like her ex.But the risk didn’t play off and Luca wasn’t happy with her decision.The recoupling put a divide between him and Gemma Owen, who he’d previously been coupled up with.Luca chose to sleep in the living room rather than share a bed with Danica and has remained faithful to Gemma despite their new partnerships.Now, it looks like Luca and Gemma will finally get their chance to couple up again and it’s likely that the fishmonger will wave goodbye to Danica.Gemma chose to couple up with Davide after Danica’s decision to go for Luca.Davide and Gemma had already coupled up once before earlier on in the season, and fans weren’t happy when the 19-year-old kissed Davide, who is eight years older than her.Although they’ve been sharing a bed, Gemma has claimed that there’s no romantic connection between her and the Italian hunk.And Davide has had his sights set on
Love Island fans slam editing of Gemma and Luca as they're given 'wrong impression'
Love Island fans have been glued to their screen this week after another week of drama.Last week in the recoupling, bombshell Danica chose Luca Bish in a shock twist leaving Gemma Owen to couple up with ex flame Davide.However it doesn't seem to have affected Gemma and Luca's relationship as they have continued to spend time together.READ MORE: Love Island's Jay labelled 'delusional' as he misreads Ekin-Su after explosive feudFans have noticed that Luca slept in a bed on his own and Gemma has continued to sleep in a bed with Davide making them wonder if she is as into the relationship as Luca.However ex Islander Afia spoke in and interview with Heat's under the duvet and said that Gemma is 'obsessed' with Luca .She said: "She's obsessed with Luca, that's the thing, it's weird she's just that cool chilled girl and she's not showing it - but every time he's not there she's like, 'Where's Luca?'"Fans have taken to reddit to show their annoyance that they are getting a 'bad edit'.Someone posted: "I think Luca and Gemma are getting a bad edit, cause Afia said that Gemma was obsessed with him, constantly asking where he was etc." Someone replied: "It’s very obvious she’s into him, I think the people that don’t see it just don’t care to look for it, not everyone is gonna scream from the top of their lungs about how much they like someone." And another said: "It’s obvious that they like each other, viewers just love to hate them for some reason" While a third penned: "You can tell Gemma really likes him even with the current edit." And a forth wrote: "Yeah I didn't believe she liked him that much until today's episode when she told him about the text." However some people that that the edit of the couple was fair.
Pet goat 'stolen and sexually abused in bathroom' in horrific case of bestiality
pet goat was stolen and horrifically suffered sexual abuse in a public bathroom.The shocking incident happened on June 10 in Branxholm, Tasmania.The goat was swabbed when it was found, and DNA samples taken.READ MORE: Woman in pain and agony for over a year is diagnosed by stranger on FacebookAccording to local news reports, Scottsdale Police Sergeant Brent O'Mahony said cops had to swab the goat before they could confirm that the incident had taken place.A spokesman said: “There were concerns for the welfare of the goat and a vet examination was undertaken as part of the investigation process.“Police have spoken with the goat’s owner, who has made a formal complaint to police.”Police are looking for a man spotted in the area in the early hours of the morning, before 4am, who was described as tall and wearing a “beanie and dark tracksuit”.Enquiries are ongoing.Last month, we reported how cops raided a Washington State farm belonging to Douglas Spink's farm, and were shocked by the levels of depravity and bestiality they found.The grim details were enough to leave even the most hardened law enforcement officers sickened.The hilltop farm, in Whatcom County, Washington State, just a few miles from the Canadian border, was home to Spink as well as dozens of animals including horses, dogs and mice.Officers seized the animals along with thousands of images of bestiality.A British man, Stephen Clarke, was also detained after he apparently paid Spink to have sex with three dogs.He was charged after a search of the property found a video of the gruesome act.One of the most horrifying discoveries, though, according to police, was that of mice with their tails cut off and their tiny bodies covered in petroleum jelly.Officers
Love Island fans completely perplexed as Davide refers to himself in third person
Love Island fans were left cracking up after Italian singleton Davide Sanclimenti began talking about himself in the third person after a shocking kiss with Danica.Davide was left single after his partner Ekin-Su shared a smooch with new guy Jay, leaving him in a friendship couple with Gemma Owen.When new girl Danica arrived, she began pursuing Davide after receiving the cold shoulder from Gemma’s partner Luca.As Davide and Danica went for a private chat in the villa, Davide reaches in for a kiss before confessing in the beach hut: “I felt like Danica was really into Davide so I gave her a little gift.”Fans immediately reacted on Twitter, dubbing the chat “hilarious’.“I felt like Danica was completely into Davide' has killed me lol,” said one viewer."Not Davide speaking in third person,” said another, followed by a laughing gif.“Talking about himself in the third person and then referring to a kiss as a gift. Is Davide of this world? hilarious.”Elsewhere, fans saw Ekin-Su lose her cool after Jay expressed his interest in Paige.After initially telling him, she didn’t mind him getting to know her, she changed her mind and confronted him for being a “mug.”Paige was seen crying after Jacques encouraged her to chat to Jay, but decided to get to know him.New guy Charlie was then seen comforting Ekin-Su before he took her and Tasha on a date.Fans were surprised to hear narrator Iain Stirling claim the posh hunk has some royal connections.