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Tipping Point fans rage as 'nonsense rules' see player 'robbed' of counters
Tipping Point fans have raged at the programme's "nonsense rules" after one player was "robbed" of some counters.Thursday's episode (June 23) of the ITV quiz show welcomed player Kaitlin to the stage.Kaitlin got off to a great start, amassing an impressive £1,450 cash pot in the opening round.READ MORE: Tipping Point fans distracted by blonde bombshell as they say they're 'in love'In the second round, she was quizzed solo by host Ben Shephard and given a number of counters to drop into the machine.With one of her drops, Kaitlin knocked down one counter initially and several other counters fell just seconds later.Unfortunately, Ben declared the windfall an "ambient drop" and said the counters would not count towards Kaitlin's total as the klaxon had already sounded.As Ben revealed the counters would be 'returned to the machine', Tipping Point viewers shared their frustration online.They argued that it was still Kaitlin's turn when the ambient drop occurred and said she should have been allowed to keep the windfall.One disgruntled fan wrote: "Nonsense rules AGAIN on #tippingpoint those counters are hers as it was during her go."Another said: "She was on play with [the drop]."A third quipped: "Robbed."Explaining the decision, Ben added: So sadly, those other counters will have to be voided from the machine because you were no longer in play."We will put the mystery counter back in where it fell out."Kaitlin exited the competition in the third round, leaving player Heidi to attempt to win the jackpot counter.This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.