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Russian mother proudly sends son to bloody Ukraine front line bragging 'I have another'

Russian mother whose son has been conscripted as part of Vladimir Putin’s mobilisation says she’s not sad because she has another.In a video doing the rounds online, she said she had ‘rasied men’ and as such supported the partial mobilisation announced last week.She said: "Of course I support mobilisation. It's because I raised men, not...

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Strictly’s Kaye Adams makes X-rated confession after wild training session
Strictly Come Dancing recruit Kaye Adams made an X-rated confession during a wild training session with her professional dance partner Kai Widdrington.The Loose Women panellist has been extremely candid about her journey on the BBC One dance competition so far, and Wednesday’s post was no different.In full view of her 145k followers, the blonde bombshell, 59, took to her Instagram account to share her intimate struggles while training for more than eight hours a day.READ MORE: Strictly's Giovanni Pernice hails Richie Anderson the 'perfect student' amid 'tension'Alongside a snap of the mum-of-two jumping in the air, the broadcaster confessed that she has been struggling to contain herself while dancing the Charleston to Music! Music! Music! By Dorothy Provine.She captioned the hilarious post: “@nadiasawalha asked me how training is going. I said, ‘My tena-lady runneth over’ [cry laughing emoji.“Sorry @kaiwidd (Poor guy is so young he isn’t got a clue what I'm on about!!)”The pro dancer agreed, adding: “I still don’t know what this means [two cry laughing emojis].”Kaye was soon flooded with hilarious comments and supportive messages from her adoring fans online as she prepares for Saturday night’s epic performance.One user penned: “[two cry laughing emojis] love your tena comment – hilarious.
False widow spiders - what do they look like and do they bite?
spiders are on the march – summer is definitely over.It’s spider breeding season and they are looking for a nice warm place to do it, but unfortunately your home is the perfect place for them.Never fear, because there are some ways to keep them from getting in, with three main species to look out for.Two are harmless, though still an unwelcome sight, though one can bite when provoked.Paul Blackhurst, head of the technical training academy at Rentokil Pest Control, has shared his insights into the spiders to watch out for.He has also shared some of the ways to stop them from coming into your home to begin with.There are nearly 700 spider species out there creeping around.Don’t worry though, as less than a dozen come into UK households, with just two being the most prominent in the UK.Paul explained: “September usually marks the beginning of mating season for spiders, leading to increased sightings across the UK as males leave their webs in the search for a breeding partner.“This means that many spiders will potentially make their way into properties and homes through open windows, under doors and through gaps in buildings.“In the UK there are around 650 species of arachnids, yet we can expect to see less than a dozen of these in our homes.“While many people fear them, most species that are found in the UK are not dangerous, and spiders are actually beneficial to our environment, providing a natural form of pest control, as they feed on insect pests such as flies, ants, beetles and moths.”There are two common types of spiders that regularly make their way into UK homes: the lesser house spider and the giant house spider.Paul added: “The most common species found in UK homes are the lesser house spider, which can grow to
UK braced for arctic storm this weekend with five days freezing temperatures expected
Met Office has warned that an Atlantic cyclone is on course to whip up a bout of rain and high winds from Friday (September 30).Friday is also expected to be the wettest and windiest day we've seen so far this autumn, primarily due to a deeper area of low pressure that is due to to move into the northwest of the country.READ MORE: Britain facing extremely cold temperatures as 'deep freeze' set to bring snow Daniel Rudman, the Met Office’s deputy chief meteorologist, said: “A deeper area of low pressure will move into the northwest of the UK.“This means that many can expect a more notably wet and windy spell, for a time on Friday, than we’ve seen so far this autumn.“Knock-on effects from the Atlantic tropical cycle season can lower confidence when forecasting more than a few days ahead, and so the exact timings for rainfall and wind strengths for Friday may vary throughout the week.”He urged Brits to keep up to date with forecasts, especially if they have any outdoor plans.The meteorologist said: “The best thing you can do if you’ve got outdoor plans is make sure you’re always using the most up to date forecast.”To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Cold weather will hold out through the rest of the week before the unsettled spell ushers a period of milder weather.A separate low-pressure system hanging around through the next few days will drive the cold weather before Friday’s storm hits.Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “Hurricane Fiona is now gone, but the remnants will amplify high pressure in the Atlantic, and this will help the cold flow of air into the UK.“Low pressure will hang around for a few days through the week to the east
'Failed assassination' attempt on King Charles was actually a 'political demo'
Charles III before he was King has resurfaced, but by the shooter's own admission the incident was actually a political demonstration.The footage from an event in Sydney, Australia, back in 1994, shows the moment attacker David Kang shot two blanks at the then Prince Charles with a starting pistol, before coming within a metre of him on stage.Charles was seen standing up and approaching the podium to speak to the crowd at Darling Harbour when the chaos ensued as the first shot captured his attention.READ MORE: King Charles III hailed as 'badass' over calm reaction to failed assassinationAnd while Royal fans swooned over Charles' relaxed response to danger, it actually wasn't an attempt on his life - but a political demonstration about refugees.Kang later claimed he fired the shots as a protest against the 'extremely traumatic experience' of more than 100 Cambodian asylum seekers held in detention camps in the country.Kang wrote in a letter to Charles before his trip of his belief that children born at the center were "suffering at the hands of the immigration department," and that the facility was a "modern day concentration camp."A response from one of the now King's secretaries stated that while Charles "understands the strength of your concerns...this is not a matter with which he can become personally involved."For more shocking stories from the Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters hereThe then-university student was later found guilty of threatening unlawful violence and sentenced to 500 hours of community service.In 2005, Kang, who is now a qualified barrister, spoke about what happened to The Sydney Morning Herald: "What happened 11 years ago was an extremely traumatic experience and I have
Woman's hilarious TK Maxx shopping tactic with friends sees her 'almost pee herself'
TK Maxx, heading there with your best pals could be the way forward.A group of young women came up with the idea to help each other to pick outfits and shared the results on TikTok.Naomi Meikle rated the tactic "10 out of 10", which involves walking down an aisle with your eyes closed while your pals pick items out.READ MORE: Model nearly flashes boobs as she stuns in extremely tiny bikiniStarting from the bottoms, Naomi's pals have to pick out either the trousers or the skirt they touch when their friend says "stop".Naomi gets a pair of black joggers while one of her friends picks a burgundy skirt and the other black flare trousers.They then move on to pick their tops and their shoes and go into the changing room to try out the complete outfit.The first young woman is left red-faced when she comes out in a waist-tie cardigan and a burgundy skirt, as well as a pair of sandals.Naomi opens the changing room door to show her blue and white checked jumper, a black jogger and black shoes.And when their friend reveals the third and last outfit, they can't stop wheezing."Honestly, almost peed myself," Naomi wrote in her video caption.Viewers scrolled to the comments and shared their thoughts, with one saying: "The first one is giving teacher on non school uniform day or on a trip."To get more stories from Daily Star delivered straight to your inbox sign up to one of our free newsletters here .A second wrote: "Last one was like the scene out of White Chicks when she walked out.""I like the middle one's outfit, this is fun, we should do it," a third commented and tagged her friendsA fourth added: "This confirms what I've always thought - TKMaxx is one enormous jumbo sale."READ NEXT:
Model nearly flashes boobs as she stuns in extremely tiny bikini
swimwear.Fans were left in awe as she flaunted her super-toned curves in the saucy two-piece set.READ MORE: Page 3 girl flashes boobs in cow-print bikini – and fans joke she's 'milking it'The snaps were posted on the Fashion Nova Swim Instagram page, alongside the cheeky caption: "Who Said You Can't Wear Bikinis In Fall?"It's fair to say the blonde stunner is clinging onto summer, as the the super hot display definitely turned up the heat.The two-piece bikini set looks like it's made of latex, as the material is super shiny.It's also held together by very thin strings, which skim over the model's curves.The model looked pool-side ready, as she glammed up and modelled a few poses for the camera.Her blonde locks had a soft beach curl, and she paired her big hair with a soft glam make-up look.One snap even showed her biting into one of the silver chains that hung seductively around her neck.It's fair to say pulses were left racing after the model slipped into the saucy swimwear, and strutted her stuff.More than 2,500 people liked the pictures since they've been shared, and dozens of people also left comments.While one person pointed out the obvious saying the swimwear "looks small", others have been quick to comment on how amazing the blonde bombshell looked as she showed off the racy swimming costume. People from all over the world have praised her beauty, and she's been dubbed as "hot" by fans.Many were left speechless as they posted a series of heart and fire emojis under the snaps, which implied they were truly lost for words.One person said: "Wow - hot."Another added: "Beautiful girl.
Britain facing extremely cold temperatures as 'deep freeze' set to bring snow
forecasters.READ MORE:UK set for 'wettest October on record' amid Arctic chill and plummeting temperaturesJim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “The northeast will always be wetter and windier, being closer to low pressure, but the whole country will turn colder over the next week.“It is going to be a battleground between air masses, with cold air coming in from the north and warmer air under the sun already in situ, this will bring some instability in the atmosphere.“At the start of the week, there will be the risk of thundery, windy downpours.”The coldest aspect of the weather will hit mid-week while below-average temperatures will continue to stay in play until the weekend.Mr Dale, who is also the author of Weather Or Not? said: “Wednesday looks like being the coldest day of the week.“Low pressure to the east of the UK will work with that high pressure in the Atlantic to feed cold air down from the north.“Temperatures will be down to single figures during the day and overnight there will be parts of the country that dip to freezing, and in the wind, it will feel even colder.“Frost will be a risk through the week and over higher ground in the north there will be some snow.”To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Widely across the UK, temperatures will be below average into Monday and Tuesday.“It will be feeling cold with overnight temperatures low and daytime temperatures supressed in the northerly wind.”Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden had his say on the matter as he said: “The end of September is now likely to see low pressure taking charge and this will bring a marked change to more