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Dealer caught running 'Dyno' drugs line from old Nokia months after being released from prison during lockdown

A dealer was caught running a ‘Dyno’ drugs line months after being released from prison during a coronavirus lockdown. Levi Sparrow, 28, came out to find he was out of work and resorted to dealing heroin and crack cocaine.

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George Stephanopoulos' daughter shares different side to mom Ali Wentworth in hilarious behind-the-scenes clip
Ali Wentworth just got majorly exposed by her daughter! Though she never shies away from sharing candid moments, her latest video is the most real yet.MORE: George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth to become empty nesters in the very near futureThe star shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes video of her at the airport, revealing what really goes on when she is trying to create content for her followers.She has two daughters with George Stephanopoulos, Elliott Anastasia and Harper Andrea, and while their mom was simply trying to support their father's latest venture, one of them had different plans.WATCH: Ali Wentworth jokes she's divorcing George Stephanopoulos live on GMAMORE: Ali Wentworth supports husband George Stephanopoulos' big new projectAli took to Instagram and proved she has no shame in her social media game, sharing a video her daughter Harper, who is seventeen-years-old, took of her trying to film another video to post.The behind-the-scenes clip sees her parading down an airport terminal, holding her phone up to film herself in selfie mode.Meanwhile, her daughter is sitting down filming her, and as she is heard laughing and giggling at her mom's antics, the best-selling author is seen repeatedly interrupting herself as she tries to film multiple takes with people walking past her.A post shared by Ali Wentworth (@therealaliwentworth)Ali clearly found her daughter exposing her hilariousThough Harper may have been trying to catch her in an embarrassing moment, she looked chic nonetheless, wearing a billowing, floral navy blouse with bootcut jeans, plus a bun atop her head and her signature tortoise glasses.MORE: Ali Wentworth impresses Robin Roberts with surprising summertime activityMORE: Ali Wentworth issues