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Size of key body part could reveal how big a man's penis is, study suggests
size of a man’s feet will give us a clear indication if he has a large penis.But it turns out this theory is a myth, as a recent study has revealed that a clearer representation can be found on a bloke’s nose.A study in Japan recently discovered that men with larger noses had a ‘stretched penile length’ of at least 5.3 inches.READ MORE: Ex-porn star Lisa Ann tells virgin, 46, with micro penis that 'size doesn't matter'However, men with smaller snouts had erect penises of 4.1 inches.The scientists from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine observed 126 men within three days of death and measured their different body parts.They considered different factors during the study, including height and weight.To measure the penis size, the team stretched it out as far as it would go.This was then compared to different body parts, and no link was found between feet size and penis length.Published in the Basic and Clinical Andrology journal, the scientists wrote: "The fact that nose size is related to SPL (stretched penis length) indicates that penile length may not be determined by age, height or body weight but has already been determined by birth."Although our results are useless for forensic purposes, understanding the growing process of penis or facial features may be very important for extrapolating foetal androgen levels and following male genital functions."The men were all in their 30s and 50s and the researchers explained that penis size may also be an indicator of your age.The study was only carried out on Japanese men and the sample size was small – a bigger study is required to determine if nose size is an accurate representation of penis length.While big feet doesn’t mean a large manhood, scientists have recently
Thief caught scooping coins out of monkey enclosure pond 'could now have deadly herpes'
READ MORE: New species of rattlesnake discovered with bite so potent it leaves people disabled However, the majority of macaques around the world carry the herpes B virus - including the monkeys at City Park, as a sign next to the enclosure advises.Mayor Albert Van Zetten said: "Unfortunately, this action has potentially exposed the intruder to the herpes B virus, which is carried by the City Park monkeys."The virus is not considered a risk to the monkeys and exhibits symptoms similar to that of cold sores in humans."For humans who contract the illness, however, consequences can be more concerning - and can even lead to death.Van Zetten advised that symptoms include "blistering, pain, numbness near the infection point, flu-like symptoms, including fever, muscle aches, headache, and fatigue, respiratory distress, encephalitis [inflammation of the brain's active tissues] and neurological dysfunction".More than thirty deaths have been caused as a result of contracting the virus - although so far there has only been one confirmed case of human-to-human transmission.The Mayor also claimed the robber caused damage to an electric fence of the enclosure and stole "coins out of the surrounding moat".Van Zetten confirmed that Tasmania Police and the Tasmanian Department of Health had been notified of the break-in and were aware of the potential risks posed."We ask that anyone with information regarding the break-in contact Tasmania Police immediately," he continued."But importantly, [the] council urges the intruder to seek medical attention as a matter of some urgency."READ NEXT: Potentially deadly flu-like virus discovered in China – passed to humans from shrews Terrifying note warning 'bomb on this plane' saw emergency
Whitney Houston's tragic final moments as she sang to herself in bath before drowning
Whitney Houston spent her last moments feasting on food and singing to herself before she was discovered dead in her bathtub, according to reports.The award-winning songstress left the world stunned when she tragically passed away in February 2012 at the age of 48, leaving behind her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown who she shared with ex-partner Bobbi Brown.Whitney was scheduled to appear at the annual pre-Grammy Awards party hosted by her long-time mentor Clive Davis during the evening on the day she died.READ MORE: Inside Whitney Houston’s 'intimate on all levels' romance with 'lover' Robyn CrawfordOn the morning of February 11, sources claimed she had breakfast at the Beverly Hilton Hotel alongside her daughter Bobbi, but later retired to suite Suite 434 where she ordered more food and took some Xanax.Talking to Radar Online about her drug addiction, a source told Radar Online: "She frequently took anti-anxiety medications to help her sleep after nights of heavy partying."She also took them before big performances to calm her nerves."A while later, Whitney apparently then took a phone call from her cousin, singer Dionne Warwick and discussed seating arrangements for the evening.This was then later followed by another call from her mum, gospel singer Cissy Houston, which the publication described as a "cheerful and upbeat" conversation.The reports also claimed that Whitney is said to have told her assistant that she had a sore throat and was going to take a bath before the pre-Grammys bash at which she was scheduled to perform at.It was then believed that the singer reportedly ordered more food via room service, eating a burger with fries while she ran the bath.
'I was depleted' Countryfile's Julia Bradbury could 'barely lift arms' after mastectomy
Countryfile presenter has spoken in a new interview about the operation and how she could "barely lift her arms" following the surgery.Julia has been very open about her breast cancer journey to increase awareness since she was first diagnosed in September last year.Speaking in a new interview about her love for the outdoors, she revealed: "When I had my mastectomy I was very depleted, and I could barely move - I could barely lift my arms."But I made sure every single day, post my operation, that I was outside."Even if it was five minutes, walking to the end of the garden and just sitting there."Then I’d gradually walk a bit further and then I’d make it to the park, and that was a big deal at the time."This is where I was really pushing myself physically now because I was back out there, and it was massively healing, rejuvenating and helpful but I also found being outdoors incredibly soothing from an emotional point of view", she told GO Outdoors.Julia is currently enjoying a family holiday in Greece after her recent reconstruction surgery.She looked incredible in a bright yellow two-piece bikini set, posing alongside her daughter.She went make-up free, flaunting her youthful complexion, while keeping her hair tucked away in a neat ponytail.The TV personality then posted another picture sunbathing in a red bikini on the beach waving to the camera.She captioned the video: "Making memories.So grateful for this time with my family."Greece always leaves a feeling of home and more."The mastectomy surgery Julia underwent in October removed her breast plus two lymph glands.She previously spoke about the process in a video on her socials last month, where she left time for reflection."I'm in my little garden.
Mum finds out 'loner' neighbour is paedo who took photos of her on all fours in a bikini
mum discovered her ‘loner’ neighbour is actually a paedophile who had been taking photos of her while she was sunbathing in her garden.Mum-of-two Kim Leary, from Chester, told how police searched Craig Dunderdale’s home, and loaded his computer into a van.It was later revealed that Dunderdale had more than 1,500 extreme porn images, and dozens of indecent photographs of children on his computer.READ MORE: 'Explosion' heard as huge smoke plume rises near Heathrow with 70 firefighters on sceneHe also had more than 50 images and videos secretly taken of the 39-year-old sunbathing in her own garden in her swimsuit during lockdown, zooming in on her "bum, boobs, legs and feet."Dunderdale was handed a suspended sentence and has now moved home - but Kim says she is traumatised by the sickening acts all and is planning to move house.Kim revealed that over 50 images were found of her wearing her swimming costume in her garden with the perv zooming in on certain areas of her body.Kim, who works as a nurse, said: "I always knew he was a bit of a weirdo - he was a loner, he didn't seem to have any friends or a partner. If anything I always felt sorry for him for it - never in a million years did I think he’d do anything like this."It turns out he had videos which zoomed in on my bum, boobs and feet - the way he did it was all so pervy.