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‘In the First Days After Giving Birth, All I Could Think About Was Money’

As told to and Photography by Shukura Wells, 28, was a mortgage credit underwriter and is launching a business supporting Black-owned cosmetics brands. She lives in Detroit with her daughter, Zendaya, age four, her boyfriend, Dazz, and their son, Dakari Gold, three months. She had no paid leave.To return to the main paid leave article, .I had my son on June 25 this year.

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Robyn collapses and Ian makes shocking discovery in explosive comeback episode
IT’S set to be an explosive week in the emergency department as there’s a number of shocking revelations to be uncovered.  The BBC One drama returns after a week away with an explosive return as Robyn faces a dramatic collapse in Casualty.  In scenes set to be screened on Saturday (October 1), Robyn’s health taken a turn for the worst but just what has caused her to collapse.  Viewers have seen Robyn struggling in recent weeks as she struggles to balance her working life and her personal life.  She has been overwhelmed by her work, looking after Charlotte and attending her IVF appointments and she faces some added pressure when Marty and Adi face a hurdle in their surrogacy journey. Despite the pressure mounting, Robyn is determined to stay focused on her work as she finds herself in a rather unusual predicament as patient Chloe arrives at the hospital having seemingly swallowed her engagement ring! Read More on Casualty kidnap horror Five explosive Casualty spoilers as sick kidnapping plot kicks offdoc drama Casualty fans say same thing as familiar face returns and grows close to David As Robyn’s health appears to flag, Marty is blindsided when Adi insists that their child is genetically his which causes friction between the couple.  Robyn helps to support Marty after the revelation and after she misses a planned appointment with the pair on their surrogacy journey, tensions reach boiling point between the couple after Adi blows at Marty for jeopardising the future of HIS child.  After a long shift, Robyn heads to her car desperate to get home to see Charlotte’s play however the pressure gets too much and she dramatically collapses in the car park.  The alarm is raised further when she ends up coughing up blood.