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Michael Mann To Remake South Korean Crime Comedy ‘Veteran,’ Want To Shoot ‘Heat 2’ Later This Year/Early 2025

Was “Ferrari” the start of a late-period resurgence for Michael Mann? Fans of the action auteur already knew an adaptation of Mann’s novel “Heat 2” was on the way, but it looks like Mann has another project in mind once he finishes that. Variety reports that Mann plans to make a US adaptation of the South Korean crime comedy “Veteran” after “Heat 2;” a perfect choice for the director, a thriller that pits a headstrong cop against a corporate scion unafraid to use his privilege in all the wrong ways.

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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and sharing a land border with North Korea. The name Korea is derived from Goguryeo, which was one of the great powers in East Asia during its time, ruling most of the Korean Peninsula, Manchuria, parts of the Russian Far East and Inner Mongolia under Gwanggaeto the Great. Its capital, Seoul, is a major global city and half of South Korea's over 51 million people live in the Seoul Capital Area, the fourth largest metropolitan economy in the world.