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Hollywood’s Women in Film Group Turns Focus to States With Abortion ‘Trigger Bans’
organization supporting equity for women in the entertainment industry on all levels, has compiled a list of abortion resources for workers in the field that will regularly be updated. Its CEO, Kirsten Schaffer, said in an interview with TheWrap that WIF has now turned its attention to people who live in states with so-called trigger bans in effect, helping to support travel costs associated with obtaining safe and legal abortions.“We’re focused right now on ensuring that women and people who can get pregnant who are working in states that are outlawing or have outlawed abortion still have access to safe and legal abortion,” Schaffer said, “which in most cases means leaving the state, and so we’ve provided a list of resources both a list of companies who are either through their health insurance or otherwise providing travel reimbursement out of state, and then also abortion funds.”Per the webpage, companies such as Amazon, Apple, Condé Nast, Disney and others are subsidizing or covering medical and travel costs associated with workers who are looking to access vital reproductive care.“We’re turning our collective rage into action, providing the below, regularly updated list of abortion resources offered by employers for those working in the entertainment industry,” WIF’s Abortion Healthcare & Resources tab reads.
'I'm a stay-at-home wife – women should never pay for meals or pour their own wine'
READ MORE: 'I thought I'd found dream man online – but then I found out his real identity'However, after a couple of months of them being on a break, Alan, a contractor, ‘stepped up to her standards’ and they got back together.Not only that, but the pair are now married.Leaha has strict demands when it comes to their dates, such as expecting her chair to be pulled out for her, her wine to be poured, and for the bill to always be covered by her other half.She’s now shared some ‘red flags’ women should look for if they’re after a provider in a relationship – such as commenting on prices and not tipping waiting staff topping the listLeaha, from Sterling heights, Michigan, US, said: "Alan and I first met when we were young, and I then realised that I wanted to be provided for."He stepped up – now he arranges and takes me for dates at least twice a week. He always pays and pulls my chair out for me."In exchange, Leaha says she regularly cooks for Alan and "loves being a housewife".She added: "I want others to know that it is OK to aspire to have this lifestyle."It’s like being a stay-at-home mum – just without the kids."Leaha said she didn’t want to spend her life working after finishing college and picked up a job as a waitress at a restaurant."I wanted time for myself and to have someone to provide for me," she confessed."Alan wasn’t able to provide for me at that point so we broke up.
Reese Witherspoon delights fans with intimate glimpse of her family vacation
Reese Witherspoon is soaking up the sun during her latest family vacation, and her latest glowing picture proves just how much it suits her!MORE: Reese Witherspoon's son Deacon shares very rare family post – famous mom and dad both reactThe star got her whole family together for a tropical getaway, and her pictures and videos from the tropical destination seriously couldn't get more dreamy.Her sun-drenched photos are no doubt envy-inducing, and prove just how well her children have acclimated to the beach trip as well.WATCH: Reese fails to keep up in hysterical home workout videoMORE: Reese Witherspoon sparks hopeful reaction with birthday tribute to Nicole KidmanReese looked as glowy as she has ever looked in her latest vacation selfie, taken right as the sun was setting, providing a perfect cotton candy background to her shot.Her blonde hair has a perfectly tousled, beach wave look, and it is being blown in the wind as she runs her hand through it. She of course looks chic as ever courtesy of her own brand, Draper James, donning a pink and red dress with a floral print, a plunging neckline, and a belt cinching her waist.She also included snapshots of herself, quite fittingly, enjoying a glass of rosé right on the sand, and a jaw-dropping glimpse at the impressive sunset seen between two palm trees.A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon)Reese's well-deserved vacation has left her glowingThe actress captioned the photos with: "Summer nights," and fans rushed to gush over them, writing: "Wine glass & sunset.