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Brits spend equivalent of 13 days a year planning their holidays
A quarter of keen holidaymakers will begin planning their trips away months in advance – but one in ten will leave the bulk of their preparation until the week before departure, research has found.A poll of 2,000 adults found that, on average, 13 days a year are spent planning holidays – from talking about the trip and researching it, to making reservations.The average holiday planning to-do list consists of 11 different tasks – including sorting out currency, organising travel insurance, and arranging activities to do while away.And three in five (59%) agree that budgeting is a “crucial” step, according to the research commissioned by M&S Bank.Other important steps for successfully planning a break include planning well in advance (40%), and researching the destination beforehand (30%).And with over half of holidaymakers (53%) preferring to travel outside of the summer period, it’s likely many of those polled are currently planning an off-season break.Paul Stokes, from travel money and insurance provider, M&S Bank, said: “It is fantastic to see that we are a nation of planners, and we like to spend time to plan the perfect holiday, no matter the time of year.“Doing your research in advance and making a budget for your holiday are both great ways to help your money go further and avoid any unnecessary spending.“In addition, it’s important that holidaymakers don’t put off buying travel insurance until they’re ready to go – as it doesn’t just cover them for while they’re away, but from the moment they take it out.”When planning holiday spending, steps deemed “vital” include choosing what payment methods to use (47%), and making a spending budget (45%).And deciding how much travel money or currency to take (42%) is also
Grand Designs guest snaps 'wash your mouth out' after Kevin McCloud blunder
READ MORE: Owner of Grand Designs' 'saddest ever' house in new lighting row which 'will ruin view' But, after finding himself impressed by the finished countryside conversion, Kevin appeared to put his foot in it when he mentioned that he was looking forward to some delicious rural food.“Who wouldn’t be tempted by such idyllic surroundings, which provide so much in the way of home comforts and produce?” he narrated.“One of the things that I would be looking forward to, if I were ever invited, is the opportunity to enjoy Sarah’s cooking with produce from here… Whether it be a bit of lamb or vegetables.”Grandma Jean was left aghast, noting: “Oh don’t mention lamb. Good god, wash your mouth out with soap Kevin.”The couple’s daughter Fran intervened to explain, saying: “I don’t think we’ll be eating any of the lambs.”Shuffling in his otherwise-comfortable chair, Kevin looked confused at the offence he had committed.“I don’t understand the point of having… okay, maybe not,” he stuttered.Fran explained: “She’s [Jean] very emotionally attached to the sheep.”Kevin questioned whether this even included the elderly sheep who may not feed off the land for much longer, and was instantly rebutted. To get more TV stories from Daily Star delivered straight to your inbox sign up to one of our free newsletters here . Twitter users were left laughing, with one commenting: “Don’t mention the sheep.”It wasn’t just Kevin who misstepped during the episode, though.Although admitting that they were “really pleased” with the completed longhouse, Mike and Sarah accepted that they had gone well over their planned budget.“Our original budget was £945,000, and we’re sitting now, taking into account what we’ve still got to come, we’re
False widow spiders - what do they look like and do they bite?
spiders are on the march – summer is definitely over.It’s spider breeding season and they are looking for a nice warm place to do it, but unfortunately your home is the perfect place for them.Never fear, because there are some ways to keep them from getting in, with three main species to look out for.Two are harmless, though still an unwelcome sight, though one can bite when provoked.Paul Blackhurst, head of the technical training academy at Rentokil Pest Control, has shared his insights into the spiders to watch out for.He has also shared some of the ways to stop them from coming into your home to begin with.There are nearly 700 spider species out there creeping around.Don’t worry though, as less than a dozen come into UK households, with just two being the most prominent in the UK.Paul explained: “September usually marks the beginning of mating season for spiders, leading to increased sightings across the UK as males leave their webs in the search for a breeding partner.“This means that many spiders will potentially make their way into properties and homes through open windows, under doors and through gaps in buildings.“In the UK there are around 650 species of arachnids, yet we can expect to see less than a dozen of these in our homes.“While many people fear them, most species that are found in the UK are not dangerous, and spiders are actually beneficial to our environment, providing a natural form of pest control, as they feed on insect pests such as flies, ants, beetles and moths.”There are two common types of spiders that regularly make their way into UK homes: the lesser house spider and the giant house spider.Paul added: “The most common species found in UK homes are the lesser house spider, which can grow to