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R. Kelly ordered to pay $309,000 in restitution to sex trafficking victims

R. Kelly has been ordered to pay at least $309,000 (£287,000) in restitution to the victims of his sex trafficking, it has been reported.The disgraced R&B singer is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence after being convicted on charges of sex trafficking and racketeering in September 2021.Kelly – whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly –  has now been ordered to pay $309,068.18 to his victims, according to Courthouse News Service reporter Nina Pullano (via Pitchfork).It is said that $300,668.18 of that sum will go to a survivor identified as Jane, while the remaining $8,400 is to be paid to a woman identified as Stephanie.

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BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty makes dig at Carol Kirkwood as she 'won't stop talking'
BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty made a veiled dig at Carol Kirkwood as Charlie Stayt fumed the she "wouldn't stop talking". Giving a weather report on the autumnal climate and chatting to Naga about outdoor activities like golf, the pair spoke of how Friday's weather wouldn't be good for a day on the golf course.After Carol finished reporting on the weather Naga said: "It is getting windy, I don't like the wind and the rain but I like the temperature - how's that Carol, does that work?"READ NEXT: BBC Breakfast's Charlie Stayt brutally cuts off MP and fumes answer was 'not sufficient'Carol then replied: "Well, yeah, that works, but the wind can sometimes temper with the temperature - so it will feel cooler than the temperature - but it's good enough.""If you say so," replied Naga, before Carol handed back to her and Charlie.Charlie then made a jibe at the weather presenter and said: "She's still talking now," sounding mildly frustrated, albeit jokingly."Sometimes you can have enough of Carol, can't you?" responded Naga as she made a veiled dig towards her colleague and friend in a jokingly manner.Charlie laughed along with Naga as the pair then moved onto the next segment of the show.This came as Charlie brutally interrupted and grilled a Conservative MP over the mini budget and cost of living crisis.Speaking to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom – Chris Philp – Charlie didn't hold back when his answer wasn't quite up to par.Charlie asked the MP about his thoughts on the value of the pound dropping by 1%, but when he failed to give a straight answer, the BBC presenter grew frustrated.
Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc as planes flipped over and buildings fully underwater
Daily Mirror reports.Despite the storm's winds bringing utter devastation to the region, it has only been classified as a Category 4 storm, shy of Category 5 which is the most severe classification given to storms that have winds as strong as 157mph.READ MORE: TV reporter hilariously uses condom to protect microphone during Hurricane IanOver 1.5million local residents have suffered power outages, with millions more ordered to evacuate their homes, while other areas have had curfews introduced.The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) warned: "Life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and flooding in the Florida Peninsula".Ken Graham, director of the National Weather Service said: "This is a storm that we will talk about for many years to come, an historic event."Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis said that Ian had generated life-threatening storm surges – waves of wind-driven seawater flooding along the coast – of up to 12 feet in some places.Shortly after the hurricane made landfall, the town of Fort Myers Beach was almost completely submerged, with videos circulating on social media showing just the roofs of people's homes.In terms of its sustained wind speeds, which peaked at 155mph before landfall, Ian ranks as one of the most ferocious hurricanes to strike the US mainland in recent years.The Weather Channel reported that Ian made landfall in the exact same point on Cayo Costa where Hurricane Charley came ashore in 2004 as a Category 4 storm.Even as Ian lashed Florida's Gulf Coast with fierce winds and drenching rains in the final hours before it swept ashore, authorities warned residents it was too late for anyone who had yet to evacuate to safely do so.The region is filled with mobile home parks, which most