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Live Nation Announces ‘Next Gen’ Program to Help Young People Into the Music Business

Jem Aswad Senior Music EditorLive Nation has announced ”Live Nation Next Gen”, a new career development program focused on helping young people, primarily from Black and Latinx communities, prepare for careers in the live music business. Live Nation Next Gen has partnered with SoLa Impact’s I Can Foundation at SoLa’s new, state-of-the art Technology and Entrepreneurship Center in the heart of South Los Angeles, where the organization is providing free education to train and inspire future leaders.According to the announcement, The inaugural program features an intensive 10-week program of courses for local students ages 16 to 21.

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Jiftip the Diktip claims to act a bit like a plaster for the glans at the tip of the penis.And, the instructions tell you to clean your genitals and then “align the shield” along the urinary “meatus” – that’s apparently the scientific word for the male opening. Then you rub the product onto the penis like a temporary tattoo, claims iflscience.The theory behind the item is that when you ejaculate the fluid will not leave the body.When it comes down to it, it’s basically gluing the penis shut.Luckily, if you’re reading this with horror, the product is not actually approved for medical use and the website selling the Jiftip notes that it is simply for "novelty or entertainment purposes only."Yes, it’s a joke contraceptive so please don’t buy it and expect to use it instead of a condom.To confirm it’s definitely a spoof, when asked if it hurts to remove the Jiftip, the site stated: “Yes – some even call it penis torture.” The site also added: "Please do not risk it! Jiftip is not approved for pregnancy or STD prevention usage." Dr Jen Gunter noted that the Jiftip is not backed by any scientific studies, though the listing does mention “beta-testing”.As such, avoid this product like the plague unless it’s as a funny joke to prank your mates or partner with (though do warn them that it doesn’t work too).The team behind the Jiftip describes the prank item as: “a hypoallergenic, feel shield.