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‘That changes things!’ Bridgerton’s Ruby Barker spills on Lady Whistledown twist discovery
Bridgerton, revealed that the Derry Girls star let her in on the secret behind-the-scenes.During the season one finale of Bridgerton, Penelope was explosively revealed to be the mysterious Lady Whistledown.Lady Whistledown’s role in the series is to report on the goings-on in the ton in order to manipulate people.Ruby has now admitted that when Nicola informed her that Penelope was the character writing under the pseudonym of Whistledown, she was sure the shock twist would “change things”.When asked about whether Lady Whistledown’s identity was kept as a surprise for the cast, Ruby said in an exclusive interview with “I don't know about everyone else, but I knew. “I didn't ask, but the last person I suspected was Penelope. “And then Nicola told me, and I was like, ‘damn! That changes things, b****y hell!’ “Often, it's one you suspect least."It comes after Ruby and Nicola shared plenty of scenes with each other during season one of the Netflix period drama. Nicola’s character, Penelope, quickly befriended Ruby’s character, Marina, while the latter struggled to conceal her secret pregnancy.Ruby explained that their on-screen friendship was mirrored in their real-life relationship as co-stars.The star said: “She's sweet as pie, she really is so lovely. “The thing is, like, I want to say she's cute, because she's so cute! “But she's a 34-year-old woman, so I don’t want to patronise her or anything! “But she is just the absolute epitome of cuteness in a human soul.”Ruby’s character Marina started series one of Bridgerton as a new member of the ton, as she was sent to live with her distant relatives, The Featheringtons, so they could help her make her debut in London society.However, it was soon uncovered that