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Britain 4 974
USA 2 678
Los Angeles 1 080
New York 1 184
Manchester 1 727
Spain 535
Australia 705
France 827
Italy 845
Syria 24
Ukraine 431
Scotland 1 794
Netflix 886
London 1 089
New York 625
Russia 384
Germany 550
Ireland 480
Chicago 330
Canada 410
Jordan 390
Florida 258
Beyond 350
Las Vegas 226
India 217
Hollywood 275
Qatar 109
Mexico 228
Greece 198
Japan 223
Paris 184
China 184
city Man 160
Brazil 295
Texas 217
Poland 136
Portugal 168
Denmark 139
Indiana 213
Belgium 131
Iran 89
Argentina 120
Sweden 109
Norway 113
Atlanta 136
Berlin 109
Turkey 146
Finland 70
Chad 62
Miami 93
Austria 70
Madrid 60
Iceland 87
Cuba 54
Bahamas 38

Last News
Big Hit Music files criminal complaints against “malicious postings” about BTS
Big Hit Music has issued a new statement claiming that it has filed new criminal complaints against “malicious postings” about BTS.The South Korean music label published the statement via the band’s Weverse page earlier today (September 29), where it shared that it is allegedly currently pursuing legal action against unidentified “perpetrators of malicious activities related to BTS”.“We have recently filed additional criminal complaints against postings with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans as well as collected through our monitoring initiatives,” the company wrote in the statement.Big Hit Music added that it had come across “multiple defamation postings” containing false information about BTS on social media platforms both in and outside of South Korea, and have also located the person responsible for spreading and sharing “ill-intentioned rumour[s]”.“[Big Hit Music has] filed a criminal complaint against the poster after gathering all of the repetitively uploaded postings,” the label continued, adding that this was in accordance to its legal response process, where the company supposedly monitors and collects evidence on “malicious postings” for 365 days before including them in their formal complaints to the relevant authorities.“We would also like to share with you that after an extended police investigation, we were able to identify the suspect and the case has been sent to the prosecutor’s office,” Big Hit Music’s statement read. However, details regarding the identities of the offenders and circumstances of the posts in question were not publicly disclosed.
Dick and Dom share ghost encounter amid fall-out with Kerry Katona and daughter
Kerry Katona and her daughter On the podcast, Dominic “Dom” Wood, 44, explained: “Some people when they got voted off or they got a vote against them, they got genuinely upset about it, but we’ve been in the business so long that we just didn’t care – it's just telly!”He said that, although they were “lovely people”, they decided to vote Katona, 42, and her daughter, Lilly, to go and stay in the haunted tower by themselves. READ MORE: Former I'm A Celebrity winner Kerry Katona 'turns down' show's All Stars spin-off series “We had to nominate a couple to stay in the haunted tower literally on their own all night with the most haunted doll in the UK while we went back to our nice hotel with room service and breakfast.”The two women were not happy with the presenter duo’s decision.Katona reportedly told them: “I’m not speaking to you!”He explained that voting others off the show can be “a little bit awkward” as they must stay on the coach with them afterwards.They went on to discuss with Jack what their experience during filming, which took place in the “most haunted mansion” in the UK, was like.Richard “Dick” McCourt, 46, said: “[There were] these random people from this ghost hunting company… They had one of these EMF machines and they started doing the Lord's prayer to it backwards.”Both presenters had moments of fear during the programme.Dick explained that the ghost hunters had a temperature gauge, saying: “They said: ‘The Devil will bring that down to 66.6 degrees.’”He said that, although at first he was sceptical, as the temperature started to drop, in the end, he said: “I was like, ‘Right, f**k this, Cya!’”Dom said that when getting ready for bed one night, he noticed three scratches, which Dick explained were
Brits spend equivalent of 13 days a year planning their holidays
A quarter of keen holidaymakers will begin planning their trips away months in advance – but one in ten will leave the bulk of their preparation until the week before departure, research has found.A poll of 2,000 adults found that, on average, 13 days a year are spent planning holidays – from talking about the trip and researching it, to making reservations.The average holiday planning to-do list consists of 11 different tasks – including sorting out currency, organising travel insurance, and arranging activities to do while away.And three in five (59%) agree that budgeting is a “crucial” step, according to the research commissioned by M&S Bank.Other important steps for successfully planning a break include planning well in advance (40%), and researching the destination beforehand (30%).And with over half of holidaymakers (53%) preferring to travel outside of the summer period, it’s likely many of those polled are currently planning an off-season break.Paul Stokes, from travel money and insurance provider, M&S Bank, said: “It is fantastic to see that we are a nation of planners, and we like to spend time to plan the perfect holiday, no matter the time of year.“Doing your research in advance and making a budget for your holiday are both great ways to help your money go further and avoid any unnecessary spending.“In addition, it’s important that holidaymakers don’t put off buying travel insurance until they’re ready to go – as it doesn’t just cover them for while they’re away, but from the moment they take it out.”When planning holiday spending, steps deemed “vital” include choosing what payment methods to use (47%), and making a spending budget (45%).And deciding how much travel money or currency to take (42%) is also