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Britain 4 350
USA 2 749
Los Angeles 1 008
Manchester 1 730
Australia 650
New York 908
Ukraine 491
Scotland 1 392
London 918
Italy 894
Netflix 917
France 815
Spain 637
New York 509
Russia 464
Ireland 437
Germany 430
Jordan 345
Chicago 266
Beyond 349
Brazil 222
Texas 556
Hollywood 265
Turkey 195
Florida 271
Canada 298
Greece 194
Mexico 217
Portugal 208
Indiana 194
China 182
Japan 216
Las Vegas 240
Dubai 189
Argentina 115
Paris 181
Poland 145
Miami 116
city Man 154
India 177
Denmark 99
Dublin 107
Cyprus 54
Berlin 110
Monaco 116
Belgium 112
Austria 71
Atlanta 147
Sweden 111
Norway 99
Israel 82
Morocco 78
Colombia 114
Charlotte 116
Qatar 85
Madrid 81
Egypt 67

Last News
Ricky Gervais and James Corden's nasty feud – awkward impression to 'fat pr*ck' jibe
Ricky Gervais and James Corden have left quite an impact on society through their various comedy sketches and presenting roles.The pair both made it big through their iconic TV shows which they wrote and starred in, including Rick’s TV sitcom The Office and James Corden’s BBC Three series Gavin & Stacey.But although it would seem like the pair would make good friends, the British comics have continuously locked horns in full view of the media through their various TV projects.READ MORE: Ricky Gervais leaves fans worried after sweaty snap as he admits to back painIt took Ricky more than a decade to get his big break with The Office and Extras during which time he starred in a slew of film roles including Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying.Whereas James, 43, rose to fame at a much younger age after he appeared on Fat Friends and made it big in America after he took on the presenting role on The Late Late Show.But as they started to rise to stardom, duo became almost as famous for their TV endeavours as they did for the trading of public insults at each other.As TV comic Ricky prepares to celebrate his 61st birthday, Daily Star have taken a deep dive inside the pair’s bitter feud.It appears as though it was the dad-of-three who took the first swipe at the Reading native during his short-lived comedy show titled Horne and Corden.Working alongside his co-star Matt Horne, the actor portrayed Ricky as a bumbling fool struggling to find work in one sketch in their BBC Three series back in 2009.Corden poked fun at Ricky’s character David Brent in a scene in the trenches during World War I in addition to another scene where he mocked the star’s now iconic dance.Matt later revealed how he had to pull James up for acting too much
Carol Vorderman squirms as Celebrity Gogglebox co-star quizzes her on her sex life
Carol Vorderman was left almost speechless during the latest episode of Celebrity Gogglebox as her co-star Gyles Brandreth quizzed her on her sex life.The former Countdown star, 61, sat down with Gyles, 74, to watch shows including Love Island and The Bridge – but it was a screening of Fifty Shades of Grey that caused a commotion.The television duo were watching the sexed-up movie, with a scene showing Christian Gray (played by Jamie Dornan) introducing Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) to his so-called playroom.READ MORE: Carol Vorderman makes 'no holds barred' return to Channel 4 on Celebrity GoggleboxAnastasia asked Christian about his whips and restraints and then asked him if he was a "sadist".But he told her that he was a "dominant" instead, which sparked Gyles to ask Carol a question of his own.Gyles, who is a regular on This Morning too, turned to Carol and asked: "Are you a dominant? I’ve known you for 40 years, are you a dominant?"Carol kept her mouth shut though and laughed before she figured out what exactly to say.Returning to her Countdown roots, she quipped: "It's an eight-letter word."And Gyles, seemingly happy with the response, replied: "Very good."Carol got fans excited earlier this week when she revealed she would be on Celebrity Gogglebox with Gyles.She shared a series of images from their time on the sofa and wrote alongside them: "So I'm making my debut this Friday 9pm on one of my favourite shows of all time and joining the Gogglebox gang with my friend of 40 years Gyles."The beauty went on: "Watch this week and let me know if you agree... we're a bit vocal...
Love Island fans certain Kim Kardashian will enter the villa after bold statement
Love Island fans were left in stitches last night (June 24) after Luca Bish made a hilarious comment about Kim Kardashian.During the episode, Tasha Ghouri, who is coupled up with Andrew Le Page, spoke to newcomer Charlie and told him that the “ball was in his court”.However, many of the other islanders didn’t agree with her sudden change of heart after a brief date in the hot tub seemed to turn her head.READ MORE: Love Island twins Jess and Eve reveal brutal process for dumped islanders exiting villaAndrew appeared upset and annoyed throughout the episode and even commented: “My Love Island experience starts tomorrow,” after the islanders found out there would be a recoupling that night.Tasha pulled him aside and confronted him over the comment, which he defended himself for saying.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comHowever, Tasha wanted to talk to Luca and Dami who pulled her up on the unexpected twist.Luca had compared Tasha and Andrew with himself and Gemma, with a hilarious comment that left viewers at home laughing.He was trying to explain that he only had feelings for Gemma and said: “I wouldn’t care if Kim Kardashian walked through the door.”Fans took to Twitter and tweeted about his funny quip, which managed to confuse some of the viewers.One joked: “Next bombshell will be Kim Kardashian, to test Luca.”Another wrote: “Luca is definitely goading the Love Island producers to bring a Kim Kardashian lookalike [in] to see if his head will turn,” and signed off with a line of laughing emojis.A confused fan tweeted out: “Twitter really had me thinking Kim Kardashian was going into the villa.”More viewers shared their opinion and said that Luca’s