Cities and Countries: news and gossips

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Australia 536
Austria 69
Belgium 117
Brazil 118
Britain 3 391
Canada 168
China 210
Atlanta 90
Berlin 39
Chicago 169
Dubai 33
Dublin 65
Hollywood 249
Houston 47
Las Vegas 179
Lisbon 35
London 530
Madrid 83
city Man 390
Manchester 2 596
New York 439
Paris 95
Miami 227
Croatia 274
Cuba 25
Denmark 163
Disney 45
Eu 38
Finland 107
France 856
Germany 358
Greece 120
Hungary 49
India 268
Ireland 443
Israel 105
Italy 453
Jamaica 23
Japan 189
Jersey 77
Jordan 265
Mexico 163
Monaco 37
New York 738
Nigeria 33
Norway 78
Poland 99
Portugal 404
Russia 224
Scotland 2 160
Spain 386
Florida 190
Indiana 171
Texas 203
Sweden 99
Turkey 131
Ukraine 41
USA 1 935
Vietnam 29

Cities and Countries: news and gossip

Latest news from Britain

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strong Britain, great nation” – has since gone viral on Twitter, with many making comparisons with North Korea, while others simply expressed their horror over what they had heard.We're encouraging schools across the UK to celebrate One Britain One Nation Day on 25 June, when children can learn about our shared values of tolerance, kindness, pride and respect.#OBONDAY21 @1Britain1Nation For more information:— Department for Education (@educationgovuk) June 21, 2021Count Binface, who was in the running for last month’s London mayoral election, shared the clip of ‘One Britain One Nation Day’ and said that he was “urging children to sing Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 on June 25”.Comedian Alistair Green, meanwhile,

Latest news from USA

pregnant at the same time.Gina, Nina and Victoria from Los Angeles, US, are all set to give birth within weeks of each other.The siblings from Orange County, are set to welcome two boys and a girl, according to CBS Los Angeles.The sisters, 35, are expected to give birth in July, August and November.They are looking forward to welcoming the new arrivals into the world and becoming aunties, reports The Mirror.Victoria joked that she and Nina encouraged Gina to get pregnant when they found out they were expecting."Once we found out that Nina was pregnant, we encouraged Gina," she said.The trio now don't leave the house unless they are wearing matching outfits and are also sharing maternity clothes.Gina said: "I'm actually the oldest by four

Latest news from France

The Southern Star that his life has been "absolutely tortured by a false narrative" and is writing to the Garda Síochána Commissioner (head of the national police force of the Republic of Ireland) to reinvestigate the case.He added: "This has ruined my life, it has completely tortured me, it has tortured Jules [his ex-partner] and it led to the breakdown of our relationship."Sophie Toscan du Plantier was born in Paris on July 28, 1957.
When Making A Murderer landed on Netflix, the world erupted. It was all anyone could talk about and people subscribed to the streaming service just to binge-watch the series.

Latest news from New York

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Remember that longing you felt after an episode of “Sex and the City” to shop at the characters’ favorite New York haunts and drink cosmopolitans at the same bars? Or that sense of wanderlust for the seaside cliffs of Ireland after watching “Game of Thrones?”Hollywood’s flattering spotlight has put small towns on the map, like Wilmington, North Carolina, from “Dawson’s Creek” and the woods of Senoia, Georgia, from “The Walking Dead.” And that’s exactly what travel marketers in St.
Britney Spears has been quietly working to end her controversial conservatorship arrangement for years, as it was demonstrated by confidential court documents.It was reported that the iconic pop star had been forced to perform against her will, with restricted control of her private life and very little access to her finances.Now a never-seen-before document has been obtained by The New York Times, which reveals that Britney is “sick of being taken advantage of.”The 39-year-old star stated in 2016 that the conservatorship has become “an oppressive and controlling tool against her,” highlighting that it had been “Too, too much!” at that time.She explained that she was the one “working and earning her money,” while everyone around her was on

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