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Lionsgate, WGA Investigate Incident Between ‘BMF’ Producer, Striking Writers writer Tom Smuts, who is married to WGA president Meredith Stiehm, said he was there when the incident occurred.“In the past five weeks coordinating production pickets in Los Angeles and Georgia, no one else has treated us like that,” he tweeted. “And we in the WGA and Teamsters will stay here in solidarity – in Los Angeles, New York, New Mexico, Georgia and wherever else we need to be – until our labor and dignity are respected again.”A Lionsgate spokesperson told TheWrap that the company takes “acts of intimidation and threats of violence seriously” and that they are investigating the incident “thoroughly.”“As we continue to investigate, we have sent home the individual involved,” the studio added. A WGA spokesperson told TheWrap it is “working closely with members who were endangered during this incident to hold this individual accountable.”“Workers should not be threatened with physical harm when exercising their right to publicly protest and picket against unfair wages and working conditions,” the guild said.

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Shawn Mendes slammed for using wildfire smoke as artwork for new song
canceling his Wonder Tour in July 2022 to focus on his mental health, so fans were excited to get a new song.The “Mercy” singer has long been vocal about the dangers of climate change, but many fans also questioned Mendes’ decision to use the devastating results of wildfires to promote the song.“Shawn Mendes turning the fire smoke pollution into single cover art is sending me into orbit,” one person wrote.“Not Shawn Mendes using a photo of the NYC fire to promote his new song,” another said.“Shawn Mendes did not just slap some words on a picture of Smokey a-s NYC and used it as cover art,” someone tweeted.“Not Shawn using the air quality in new york as promo for a new song,” a fan commented.People also made their thoughts known in the comments of his Instagram post announcing the single.“Canada burning was just Shawn Mendes promo?” one questioned.“Bro saw an opportunity and took it,” another wrote.A post shared by Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes)“Ppl are dying in wildfires n getting sick by the poor air quality n u rlly decided to make it ur aesthetic?” a disappointed fan commented.“Did bro actually commercialize New York’s climate lmao,” one person said.“Why are you trying to profit off a natural disaster,” someone asked.Some fans speculated that the song was actually about his relationship status with Camila Cabello, 26, rather than actually about the wildfires because of some of the lyrics.“Smoke in the air/ the city’s burning down/ I want to speak/ but I don’t make a sound,” Mendes sings in the song. “Locked in my mind, you’re all I think about/ I want to save us, but I don’t know how.”“If we don’t love like we used to, if we don’t care like we used to, what the hell are we dying for?” he sings in the chorus.
DeSantis Kicks Off Presidential Campaign Tour With Claim Teachers Are ‘Forcing’ Students to Pick Pronouns
READ MORE: ‘Will Make a Great Trial Witness’: Experts Thrilled Jack Smith Is Investigating Trump’s Firing of Election Security ExpertWhile DeSantis is insistent that teachers are forcing very young students to pick pronouns, NCRM found no news reports supporting that claim.We did find several news reports of teachers suing for not wanting to use a child’s preferred pronoun, which are issues for the courts.We did find one report of a teacher who allegedly insisted on calling a 9-year old girl who identifies as a girl a boy, and the parents are suing.News12 on Long Island, New York in March reported, “the lawyer representing the girl’s family…says the student was bullied and had suicidal feelings.”“She says the teacher told the student to ‘try being gay.’ The teacher is also accused of calling the girl a male name. ‘The teacher had some kind of agenda to have these students have alternate sexual preferences or gender identities they may or may not have had,'” the attorney said.READ MORE: ‘It Has to Be Done’: These Are the House Republicans Open to Firing Kevin McCarthy as SpeakerIn April, Colorado’s KRDO reported, “During the last Colorado Springs School District 11’s board meeting, officials tabled a controversial pronoun policy that would prevent educators from asking students their preferred pronouns.