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'I studied at a Cheshire college with Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh - this is what she was like'

Michelle Yeoh made history when she became the first Asian woman to win the Best Actress Oscar at the Academy Awards earlier this month. The Malaysian film star told millions of watchers as she held the award for her stunning performance in the highly acclaimed film Everything Everywhere All At Once: "This is a beacon of hope and possibilities."

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‘John Wick’ Franchise Director Chad Stahelski On Permanently Retiring Keanu Reeves’ Hitman & Why Academy Must Add Stunts To Oscars Categories
Chad Stahelski and then partner David Leitch came from the area of martial arts and stunts, and made their mark choreographing huge stunt sequences and directed second unit for many films before getting the shot at steering a franchise with John Wick. Leitch went his own way and Stahelski remained welded to Keanu Reeves in one of most fascinating director-star relationships that concludes with John Wick 4, the final installment of a sleeper action-heavy hit that grew into blockbuster status as each film grew in ambition and box office grosses. The most fantastical gun violence Hollywood has brought since The Matrix films has only been part of it, as are the close combat brawls, knife, sword fights and car crashes that left Wick bloodied but undaunted. For their fourth and likely final time out, Stahelski and Reeves added iconic Asian action heroes Donnie Yen and Hiroyuki Sanada to ramp things up even further. Here, Stahelski breaks down why the franchise’s mythological underpinnings was its secret weapon, how they pulled off an endless string of eye-popping action sequences — 14 in the finale — for much less than a pricey romcom and why stunt professionals deserve Oscar recognition as much as any other category. Getting that recognition for his bruised and battered brethren might be his next production.
Joe Biden hints at re-election bid while honouring Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen and other figures from the arts and entertainment industry at the White House this week.The US President was speaking at the National Medal of the Arts ceremony on Tuesday (March 21), where author Colson Whitehead, singer Gladys Knight, actor Mindy Kaling and designer Vera Wang were among honourees.When presenting to Whitehead, who has won back-to-back Pulitzer Prizes, the president said: “How in the hell did you do that? Pretty good man,” before saying that he was “kind of looking for a back-to-back myself”.Biden has not officially announced his bid for re-election for 2024, but is expected to do so in the coming weeks.The medals at this week’s ceremony were awarded to people who deepened the country’s “understanding of the humanities and broadened our citizen’s engagement with history, literature, philosophy and so many other subjects.”“Above all, you’re masters of your craft,” Biden said (via ABC News).Springsteen received a medal for “his extraordinary contributions to the American songbook”. Biden quipped that “some people are born to run” when honouring the US rock icon, a reference to The Boss’ 1975 song ‘Born To Run’ from his third studio album of the same name.“Bruce Springsteen, a poet troubadour, chronicler of American life and resilience and hope and dreams, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, along with 20 Grammys, an Oscar, a Tony, and an unyielding love from millions of fans across generations,” Biden said.Last month, Springsteen and the E Street Band kicked off first tour in six years.