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Live Nation Announces ‘Next Gen’ Program to Help Young People Into the Music Business

Jem Aswad Senior Music EditorLive Nation has announced ”Live Nation Next Gen”, a new career development program focused on helping young people, primarily from Black and Latinx communities, prepare for careers in the live music business. Live Nation Next Gen has partnered with SoLa Impact’s I Can Foundation at SoLa’s new, state-of-the art Technology and Entrepreneurship Center in the heart of South Los Angeles, where the organization is providing free education to train and inspire future leaders.According to the announcement, The inaugural program features an intensive 10-week program of courses for local students ages 16 to 21.

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'My ex dumped me to focus on career – so I'm dating the owner of his company'
Tinder and get back in the game.But for Polina Nioly, getting even was the perfect antidote to heartbreak.Her tactic of moving on from her ex-boyfriend who dumped her has gone viral on TikTok – and, it is obvious to see why.The influencer and movie producer often shares clips of her lavish lifestyle to her 264,000 TikTok followers.And in a recent clip, she revealed how she got back at her ex-partner who called things off because he wanted to focus on his career.As Polina dazzled in a black satin slip dress and a pair of killer silver heels, she posed for the camera as she flaunted her figure on some stairs.The stunner claimed: "POV: He broke up with you to focus on his career and now you’re going on a date with an owner of the company he works at.”“Revenge should be served cold,” Polina declared.Since being posted, the clip has racked up 1.2 million views and a mixed bag of opinions from users.One person commented: “Girl boss move.”Another user added: “He didn’t want to put the effort into HER and his career so she found someone who would. As she should.”A third praised: “Now that’s a power move.”Someone else voiced: “You’re my inspiration.”However, not everyone was so keen on Polina’s revenge tactics.One user slammed: “I actually respect him for his decision.”A second person noted: “I’m glad he moved on, he’ll find [someone] who really appreciates him.”And a a third said: “At least he’s working, I see nothing wrong here.
Katie Price showcases singing skills in rare clip as she sings Backstreet Boys song
Katie Price has treated her fans to a video of herself singing a classic Backstreet Boys song – which follows her attempts at forging a career for herself in the music industry.During a road trip, the former glamour model couldn't help but belt out the tune – much to the delight of fans.She sang the Backstreet Boys’ song I Want It That Way with two pals as she headed to a makeup masterclasses, and documented her vocals on Instagram Stories.Katie is currently giving fans lessons in applying makeup and is doing so as she travels around the UK.Meeting fans and sharing her most sought after makeup hacks for a small fee, Katie enjoyed the road trip to her next destination with pals while having a sing-song and sharing it all online.Sounding exactly how she always has done while singing the song – her vocals have not improved nor deteriorated. Not a stranger to singing, Katie has enjoyed multiple attempts at forging a career in music.Some fans might even remember when she tried out in a competition to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2005.At the time of storming the stage for a chance to perform at Eurovision, Katie was heavily pregnant with her son Junior and donned a pink diamante-covered latex catsuit.With bleach blonde hair and a golden tan, she lounged on a sofa while singing Not Just Anybody.