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How Loveless Took Its Pop-Punk Covers From TikTok to Lizzo’s Ear to SiriusXM’s Octane

Jessica Shalvoy At this point, it’s no secret that what TikTok creators possess is incredibly valuable. That’s why artist and celebrity teams throughout the entertainment industry are urging their clients to join in on the frenzy.

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Spiders are being brought back from the dead and turned into 'necrobots' for science
scientists, we've all been given a a new reason to burn the house down should we see one – because it might be a zombie robot spider.Yes, you read that right.READ MORE: Bloody-thirsty supercannibals see red and feast on own family as 'hangry' hormones spikeA team of experts at Rice University in Houston, Texas, lead by mechanical engineer Daniel Preston, dead wolf spiders are being turned into “necrobots” which will see them have their legs unfurl so that they can grip onto objects using robotic machinary.According to the experts, spider legs don't have muscles for extension, and can only move their legs via hydraulic pressure.So, horrifyingly, the scientists jabbed a needle through the spider's back, sealed it with superglue and kept squeezing air into the bodies to activate the spider's legs.This gave the (thankfully, dead) creatures a full range of motion in less than one second.A spokesman for the team said: “We took the spider, we placed the needle in it not knowing what was going to happen."We had an estimate of where we wanted to place the needle.“And when we did, it worked, the first time, right off the bat. “I don't even know how to describe it, that moment.” The team managed to get the spider to pull the body over another spider up using this method – for what reason, they have not yet made clear.