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‘City On Fire’: Austin Butler Crime Saga Adds ‘Challengers’ Writer Justin Kuritzkes

A year ago, trades announced that Oscar-nominee Austin Butler (“Dune: Part Two“) would be leading a feature film adaptation of the famous Don Winslow crime saga novel “City On Fire” (No, not the similarly-titled Chow Yun-Fat movie that inspired Quentin Tarantino‘s “Reservoir Dogs“). A potential franchise starter for Sony, the crimed dra awould explore two criminal empires, Irish and Italian syndicates, that control New England and has been compared to the scope of something on the level of “The Godfather.” It’s been a long minute since we’ve heard an update, but Deadline reports the project has landed an impressive screenwriter to tackle the script.

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Austin Butler, Snoop Dogg and Robert De Niro have private dinner party
Robert De Niro, Austin Butler and Snoop Dogg were gathered together at the rapper’s private Malibu estate.Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell posted photographs and videos from the evening to his Instagram, showing the stars sitting together, flashing peace signs and chatting with some other guestsThe caption to the Instagram post also indicated the star-studded group were going to share a private dinner together.The Instagram caption read: “Champ De Niro Elvis Scoop. Dinner at the Malibu house talking numbers”.A post shared by Champ Medici (@cbroadus)One video included in the Instagram post shows Snoop Dogg posing for a photo with his arms around De Niro, joking with him about having “Italian in [his] blood”.This event comes as Butler finishes up promoting his latest film, Dune: Part Two, which also starred Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.In a four-star review of the film, NME wrote: “Butler delivers a deliciously nasty turn as Feyd-Rautha (signature move: gleefully licking knife blades)” and described the cast as “exceptional”.It has also recently been confirmed that the Elvis star will join Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix and Pedro Pascal in making up the cast of Ari Aster’s next film with award-winning studio A24, titled Eddington.Meanwhile, last month Snoop Dogg and Dr.
Vanessa Hudgens says Austin Butler’s breakup pushed her to ‘the right person’: ‘I’m so grateful’
Vanessa Hudgens is looking back at her romantic relationship with ‘Elvis’ star Austin Butler, revealing that after their split, she was able to find “the right person.” The actress shared her thoughts about the breakup, admitting that she is “grateful” after finding her now-husband Cole Tucker.Vanessa Hudgens comments on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s ‘High School Musical’ comparisonsVanessa Hudgens met ex-Austin Butler’s girlfriend Kaia Gerber when she was 5Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker got married in Tulum, MexicoThe Hollywood star opened up about her dating history during her conversation on the ‘She Pivots’ podcast, where she talked about her split from the actor in 2020, after being together for 9 years. “I feel like so much of my character was built from my breakups,” she said on the podcast.Talking about Austin, Vanessa said; “I feel like my last breakup has really catapulted me to a very, very special place, obviously, getting married.” She went on to credit the actor for helping her find love again, and “push[ing] me to the right person, which I’m so grateful for.”Vanessa described her husband as “the most supportive, real understanding human being that I’ve ever met.” The newlyweds celebrated their love with an intimate wedding, which also served as a ‘High School Musical’ reunion, with part of the cast in attendance.