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Woman 'deflates' heavily pregnant belly in dramatic transformation – baffling fans
pregnant belly.Chloe Elizabeth Rose, 20, has her first baby a year ago and is now due to give birth to her second child in July.The mum, who is near enough ready to pop, has somehow managed to make her baby bump almost disappear completely – without the guise of a baggy t-shirt.In a TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 969,000 views, Chloe donned a black bralette and some beige joggers that flaunted her tattoos and pregnant belly.Along with the sound effect of a popping sound, the mum mimicked pulling something out of her belly button.As a whooshing deflating sound played, Chloe’s baby bump began to decrease in size to the point she barely looked pregnant.The mum’s tum got smaller and smaller until she turned to the camera and smiled.She jokingly captioned the post: “I was never actually pregnant, just sticking it out.”Utterly baffled by Chloe’s ‘deflating’ baby bump, many people fled to the comments to voice their confusion.One person commented: “I’m so confused.”Another user added: “I tried doing this when I was pregnant with my twins, I swear I nearly vommed.”A third person voiced: “What just happened.”Someone else chuckled: “Claustrophobia be scaring the baby right now.”And, a fifth person expressed: “Wait WHAT.”Although the ‘deflation’ trick looked rather impressive, Chloe was not actually deflating her pregnant tum.The mum is not actually sucking in but is doing something called a ‘belly pump’ which creates the illusion of a pregnant belly ‘deflating’.Personal Trainer Brooke Cates penned the movement which is called the ‘Bloom Method’.
'My ex dumped me to focus on career – so I'm dating the owner of his company'
Tinder and get back in the game.But for Polina Nioly, getting even was the perfect antidote to heartbreak.Her tactic of moving on from her ex-boyfriend who dumped her has gone viral on TikTok – and, it is obvious to see why.The influencer and movie producer often shares clips of her lavish lifestyle to her 264,000 TikTok followers.And in a recent clip, she revealed how she got back at her ex-partner who called things off because he wanted to focus on his career.As Polina dazzled in a black satin slip dress and a pair of killer silver heels, she posed for the camera as she flaunted her figure on some stairs.The stunner claimed: "POV: He broke up with you to focus on his career and now you’re going on a date with an owner of the company he works at.”“Revenge should be served cold,” Polina declared.Since being posted, the clip has racked up 1.2 million views and a mixed bag of opinions from users.One person commented: “Girl boss move.”Another user added: “He didn’t want to put the effort into HER and his career so she found someone who would. As she should.”A third praised: “Now that’s a power move.”Someone else voiced: “You’re my inspiration.”However, not everyone was so keen on Polina’s revenge tactics.One user slammed: “I actually respect him for his decision.”A second person noted: “I’m glad he moved on, he’ll find [someone] who really appreciates him.”And a a third said: “At least he’s working, I see nothing wrong here.
Canada Selects Four Debut Feature Length Films for Cannes Docs-in-Progress Showcase
Lise Pedersen New voices were given center stage at the Canada Docs-in-Progress Showcase, part of the Cannes Festival’s Film Market, with four first feature-length docs in the final stages of production presented to an industry crowd on Friday.The showcase was brought by Telefilm Canada, in partnership with RIDM (Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal) and in collaboration with Hot Docs.Of the four Canadian projects showcased at last year’s edition, both “Geographies in Solitude” and “Cette Maison” went to world premiere at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, before moving on to Hot Docs along with “And Still I Sing.” “Geographies in Solitude” picked up three gongs along the way, including best Canadian feature doc in Toronto. “Back Home”This year’s showcase started with “Back Home” by Vancouver-based filmmaker, photographer and artist Nisha Platzer.It follows her pursuit to get to know her older brother more than 20 years after he took his own life. Through vérité scenes shot with her brother’s friends, intimate recollections re-imagined on 16mm and Super8, and lyrical, handmade visuals, “Back Home” explores questions of identity, forgiveness, loss and healing.Platzer, whose last short “Vaivén” (2020) competed at festivals worldwide, works with and teaches handmade film.For “Back Home,” she used experimental techniques on celluloid to play with light and shadow.
Mithila Palkar, Jaaved Jaaferi, Siam Ahmed Get ‘In the Ring’ With Muslim Woman Boxer Project (EXCLUSIVE)
Naman Ramachandran India’s Mithila Palkar (Netflix’s “Little Things”) and Jaaved Jaaferi (“Sooryavanshi”) and Bangladesh’s Siam Ahmed (“Shaan”) have joined the cast of “In the Ring (Story of a Burqa Boxer).”Set in the female Muslim boxing community of Khidderpore, Kolkata, India, the film is a psychological thriller about Shama, a 17-year-old boxer who exchanges places with her double to fight in the national championship when she is framed in her aunt’s murder.The cast also includes Razia Shabnam, one of the first Indian women to become an international boxing referee and coach.The Hindi-language film will be directed by U.S.-based filmmaker Alka Raghuram, who previously directed the acclaimed documentary “Burqa Boxers,” about Muslim women boxers in Kolkata. The project is being produced by Sreyashii Sengupta for Singapore-based Darpan Global and Souvikk Dasgupta for Oriizon Global in India, with Los Angles-based Rick Ambros serving as executive producer.Raghuram said: “I started writing this script while I was filming the documentary ‘Burqa Boxers.’ While the immersion into their world allowed me to tell the documentary story in the style of realism, it also made me want to explore the interior [worlds] of the characters via a more stylized narrative and style.