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Long-awaited Prince documentary blocked and “dead in the water” after multiple disputes
Prince documentary has been blocked and is said to be “dead in the water” after multiple disputes.It comes after representatives for the late artist’s estate claimed a first cut of the Netflix film was filled with “dramatic” factual inaccuracies and “sensationalised” renderings of certain events from his life, according to Variety.Ezra Edelman, best known for his work on the O.J.: Made In America documentary, has been working on the film for the past four years after he replaced Ava DuVernay.The director was given extensive access to Prince’s archives and produced a cut of the film that was reportedly screened recently for insiders.Sources are said to have told Variety that the estate felt strongly that certain events had been “sensationalised” and not properly fact-checked, and that those claims were met with opposition by Edelman while other sources reportedly insisted it was more about “control,” and the estate felt the documentary was not sufficiently positive.The deal for the documentary also called for a six-hour series but Edelman reportedly delivered nine hours, which is said to be a violation of the agreement.Despite their differences, a willingness by all parties to compromise has since been suggested.Edelman, Netflix and Prince’s estate are yet to officially comment publicly on the documentary.Meanwhile, a judge recently issued a decision regarding a legal battle over half of Prince’s estate, and ruled in favour of the late music icon’s former business advisors.Prince died of a fentanyl overdose in 2016, and as he had no will, his six heirs were left to inherit equal parts in his estate.
Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ turns 40 — and we celebrate with the ultimate soundtrack playlist
“When Doves Cry” to, of course, the epic title track, “Purple Rain.”And that was all a month before the release of the hit movie, which will be back in select theaters on July 3.It’s not only my favorite soundtrack of all time, but one of my top-five albums of all time. Period.And in honor of Purple Rain’s 40th anniversary, let’s throw it back to some of my other all-time favorite soundtracks:Let’s kick it off with the smash “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack, which had everybody twirling under that disco ball back in 1977.John Travolta may have been the star of the movie, but the Bees Gees were the stars of the soundtrack.Whenever “Stayin’ Alive” comes on — trust — disco is no longer dead.And it still makes you wanna bust into your best Tony Manero strut.Just like the Bee Gees were the masterminds behind the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack, Babyface was the man behind all the female feels on the 1995 “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack …Face wrote and produced for a stellar cast of soul sisters … from Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige to Chaka Khan and Patti LaBelle to Toni Braxton and Brandy.I mean, it was a who’s who!And of course, there was Whitney Houston, who also starred in the film.