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The Weeknd Teases New Music, Next Chapter of ‘After Hours’ / ‘Dawn FM’ Trilogy in Elaborate New Video
Jem Aswad Executive Editor, Music The Weeknd doesn’t do anything by half, and a day after he announced a September concert in Brazil that will feature a “never-before-seen production,” he dropped an elaborate video teaser of what his next project will look and sound like — and it’s the third and final chapter in his “After Hours” / “Dawn FM” / TBD trilogy, which he hinted to Variety last year will have a visual component, possibly a film, as well; the new video concludes with the written words, “There are three chapters in this tale.” The minute-plus-long clip, posted in his Instagram story, is a surreal series of dream-like images from the last four years of his musical career: There’s the sports car, poker thee, red suit and sunglasses and sports car he sported in “Blinding Lights” and the other videos from his blockbuster 2020 “After Hours” album, segueing into the old man imagery from “Dawn FM,” then the hooded characters featured in his “After Hours Til the Dawn” tour, and then new elements come in. There’s a character, possibly a mannequin, wearing a mask that looks very much like his own face (he wore a lot of masks on the tour) and, in the conclusion, a character that looks like him as a young boy, surrounded by a horde of white mannequins reaching for him.
I saw a show at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Here’s why I didn’t want to leave
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa located in Atlantic City’s Marina District.Founded just a little over two decades ago in 2003, the 161,000 square-foot entertainment, fine dining, gambling and relaxation destination with surreal, bold seasonal designs has everything a weary traveler could need and more.And, rather than rest on their laurels, the Borgata continues to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.“Last year we completed a remodel and rebranding of the MGM Tower,” Borgata Director of Communications Alex Hennessey told the New York Post. “This year we’ve expanded our iconic outdoor pool with new cabanas, and refreshed menus and spaces at Long Bar and The Metropolitan.”Over a mid-June weekend, the New York Post toured the space after attending a show at the Borgata Casino Event Center and found a lot to love from its brightly lit three entertainment venues, nine exquisite restaurants, four pools, massive casino floor, salon, barbershop and luxurious spa.That’s not to mention their immaculate ocean-view rooms.Or the exciting acts like Duran Duran, Jerry Seinfeld, Boyz II Men, Gabriel Iglesias and Dave Attell dropping into headline their spacious yet intimate showrooms these next few months.Basically, it’s all your vacation love languages rolled into on and when it’s time to go, you probably won’t want to leave.Truth be told, we didn’t.