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Kane Brown concert review: Crossover star wows with country, rock, pop

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Prudential Center on Saturday, March 30.Opening act Tyler Hubbard had just finished wooing the crowd with his stable of rootsy country hits — “5 Foot 9” jerked everyone out of their seats and kept us on our feet until the final note of his infectious closer “Dancin’ In The Country.”“No twerking, just twanging,” my friend smiled, referencing the gals behind us whose southern drawls rang just as loud as their excited belts.In all seriousness, this rabble of fans was a rather tame group.There were handfuls of young sprogs spread throughout the stands, the expected besotten lovebirds, and older adults who stayed sober enough to sing along without butchering a single lyric.But, Kane Brown’s theatrical entrance was what grabbed our attention.Now on his sixth tour — this one dubbed ‘In the Air’ — the crossover country artist knows a thing or two about a grand opening.The stage was reset within minutes.

Sheer curtains drawn back, clouds of smoke escaping from the ground, and silhouettes of the band members flashing in each corner.A few snare drums and firecrackers later, the drapes finally fell, and Brown descended from the sky sporting a laidback black Canadian tux, speckled in glistening rhinestones, and a pair of white sneakers.

Whether intentional or not, even his style seems to defy conventional cowboy attire.All eyes were on him, and everyone was likely wondering the same thing.

What song would he open with?“Bury Me in Georgia” was just the right pick for the Chattanooga Native. The 30-year-old’s ode to his hometown is grittier and moodier than some of his more pop-friendly hits, layered with distorted vocals, aggressive guitar, and hankering lyrics.

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