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Five signs you have a narcissistic personality for which you should seek help

assessing our own behaviour.READ MORE: Psychopaths and sadists prefer their coffee black and bitter, study findsYou may see the world as a story in which you are the main character and everyone else is just there to help push the plot along. In your mind, you are the only person who is special or unique and deserves recognition as such.Everything you do is amazing and everything everyone else does is mediocre.

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Toto Wolff claims Mercedes have a 'championship-winning car' after Barcelona revival
Toto Wolff declared his team looked like they had a 'championship-winning car' in Barcelona after Lewis Hamilton's remarkable drive following opening-lap catastrophe.A collision with Haas driver Kevin Magnusson saw Hamilton forced into an early pit change and at the back of the grid, with the seven-time world champion even suggesting that he should retire from the race in order to save the engine - but his team disagreed and said a points finish was achievable.That proved to be correct, with Hamilton finishing fifth in a race that was full of drama and, while he was once again behind teammate George Russell, who secured a second podium finish of the season, it was a significant improvement to previous races.So much so, in fact, that Wolff believes Hamilton's drive in Barcelona was reminiscent of some of his best during his title-winning campaigns and feels that Mercedes now have a car that is able to compete with the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari.“The dynamic between the driver and team is something that is so important that it’s clear. Having an accident at the early stage of the race and you’re saying to yourself, ‘not again’ and you’re not featuring because I think he was 38 seconds or so behind the last cars after his stop and that’s basically game over," he said after the race.“But then him going and then showing this very good pace was important, not only for his morale, but also our morale.
George Russell sends warning to Ferrari after Mercedes improvement in Barcelona
Mercedes after recording the team's best qualifying session so far this season for the Barcelona Grand Prix.The Silver Arrows showed signs of a revival heading into the race in Spain and maintained their improvements throughout practice and into Saturday's qualifying session.Russell, who had qualified outside of the top 10 last time out in Miami, was able to outperform teammate Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull's Sergio Perez to come in fourth - the highest he has ever qualified since joining Mercedes.Despite the improvements, Mercedes were still off the pace of their rivals and competing for pole position and race wins seems to be a step too far for now but Russell is adamant that there is still more to come from the team."It wasn't actually our most perfect qualifying session, we didn't quite have the tyres in the right window and I think there's more lap time on the table yet we still came home in P4 which is our best qualifying of the season," he told Sky Sports."Looking at our pace on Friday, we had a better race car than we did qualifying car so I think that we've got a real chance against Ferrari but Red Bull, especially Max, look to be a little bit faster in the race. It's all to play for."A big improvement for Mercedes was the quelling of the porpoising issue that has plagued their season so far, something Russell welcomed: "I don't feel quite as fatigued after that session compared to what I'm used to.
Dad joked his son was being eaten by shark as actual shark savaged him
savaged by a shark.On September 29, 2018, 13-year-old Keane Hayes had been diving for lobster off the coast of California when he felt a violent tug on his body.After initially thinking he had been pranked by his diving partner, the teenager looked down and saw that his wetsuit had been shredded and he was bleeding heavily.Letting out a gut piercing scream, Keane found the strength to paddle to a nearby kayak and was taken to shore.Meanwhile, on the shore, Keane's parents were blissfully ignorant of their son's horror plight.Speaking to the Washington Post, the now 17-year-old's mum Ellie Hayes said that when she heard the screams she had been on the phone to her husband Ben.At the time he had laughed away her fears, saying: "It was probably just Keane getting eaten by a shark."While Keane hadn't been eaten by the sea beast, he had been savaged.The bite from the unknown shark had completely lacerated his body with lifeguards testifying they could see his lungs after they had rescued him.The attack had also fractured his scapula, shattered his humerus (upper arm), torn his rotator cuff (muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint), and left him with several back injuries.He was also missing parts of his deltoid (shoulder) and latissimus dorsi muscles, which cover the middle and lower back. Keane was placed in surgery for five hours and received over 1,000 stitches for his wounds.And remarkably, Keane has returned to the water despite the attack.