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The double tragedy that inspired Pride of Manchester winner to set up a charity

Pride of Manchester winner Jane Gregory knows what it’s like to be in an abusive relationship, but it was the murder of local mums Leanne McNuff and Linzi Ashton by their ex-partners – after suffering years of abuse – that made her realise she had to do something. Sadly their cases were far from unique, and in 2013 Jane set up the Salford Survivor Project to help others in the same situation.

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Meet men on mission to 'improve lives of paedophiles' who admit disturbing urges
It has now been 10 years since two self-confessed paedophiles boldy set up a support group for people who are attracted to children.The aim was to revolutionise how we judge those who have sexual thoughts about kids but don’t act on it.A decade later and the volunteer group – called Virtuous Paedophiles – is celebrating its tenth anniversary while continuing to help law abiding citizens with similar sexual inclinations.And last week the group tweeted an email they had recently received - something they hoped demonstrated the positive work they do.It read: “I’m a family member of a paedophile, so this kind of thing means a lot to me.“I firmly believe that if we helped paedophiles deal with their attractions instead of expecting them to suffer alone in silence bearing the burden of trying to not act on their innate attractions then we’d be doing society a much bigger favour than if we keep treating paedophiles and child abusers as the same thing, with the associated stigma.”Virtuous Paedophiles was established in 2012 by Nick Devin, a married man with four adult children, and Ethan Edwards, a married man with three daughters.The pair stress they are against child sex and child exploitation and on the website, Ethan wrote: “I am also a paedophile.“My strongest attraction is to girls as young as four. I'm also attracted to older females, though the attraction drops off sharply above age 30.“I'm very fortunate in this regard, because I've been able to form loving relationships with adult women.
Brit soldier captured by Russians in Ukraine to go on trial on mercenary charges
Putin army after he went to fight in Ukraine has been dragged in front of a court and accused of being a mercenary.Aiden Aslin from Newark, Nottinghamshire, was captured in the city of Mariupol back in April by forces from the separatist Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), which is supported by Russia.The 28-year-old who goes by the name "Johnny" quit his job as a caseworker back home to volunteer with Ukrainian marines back in 2018.Following his capture earlier this year, horrifying images emerged showing him in a beaten state, raising his arms to reveal the handcuffs keeping his wrists tied.With a nasty looking bruise on his forehead, Aiden also appeared to have suffered a swollen right eye.Now, a DPR court says Mr Aslin has been charged with operating as a mercenary and could potentially face the death penalty.A statement from their Telegram published in Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti read: "Taking into account wartime, based on the provisions of the current criminal law, as a result of the trial, the mercenary may be given an exceptional measure of punishment – the death penalty"The report also suggested that a long prison sentence could also be likely.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.Following the capture of Aiden and other foreign volunteer fighters, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov commented that "foreign mercenaries" do not have the status of combatants under international humanitarian law.Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has threatened to strike new targets if the US supplies longer-range missiles to Ukraine.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 'cheap seats' after 'reaping what they have sown'
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's were “put in their place”, as they were apparently banished to the “cheap seats” during the service of thanksgiving yesterday.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent the service at St Paul's Cathedral stuck behind a group of teenagers, right at the back of the historic venue.James, Viscount Severn — 15th in line to the throne — was one of those the couple were sitting behind.The event saw members of the Royal family and invited guests pay tribute to the Queen, as well as thanking numerous volunteers and the British public.But Royal fans noticed that the controversial Royal couple — who stepped away from their Royal duties around three years ago — had seemingly been shoved to the back of the audience like an unwanted relative at a wedding.Royal commentator Daniela Elser pointed to that fact that this was the couple “reaping what they had sown”, despite the fact that they had been hoping to build bridges during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.Writing for news.com.au, she said: “When the couple waltzed off two years ago to make a fortune and create impact and spend their days coming up with nifty hashtags, it looked like they still held plenty of cards.“Harry, in falling for the Suits star and dragooning her into the working royal ranks, had accidentally found just what the monarchy didn’t know it was looking for.“They were the adored golden couple and the royal family needed them, and oh-so-badly, to inject some youthful verve into the moribund royal brand and to connect with younger generations.“The message from the Palace in putting the Sussexes in the cheap seats seemed to be: You wanted out? Fine.