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Liam Neeson remembers Keith Richards’ “speed” joke in airport

NME about the time he met The Rolling Stones in a holding room at Heathrow Airport, as they waited to board the same flight to New York City.Neeson and his wife, late actress Natasha Richardson who died in 2009 after a skiing accident, were due to fly by Concorde but there had been some technical issues with the plane and they were delayed, the Taken star remembered.“Keith Richards was there [with] Mick Jagger,” Neeson added. “And Keith had obviously had a couple of sips of wine, let’s put it that way… And then he came up to me and said: [Neeson mimics Richards’ throaty drawl] ‘It’s funny, everybody wants speed but nobody’s got any! Hur hur hur.'” Richards, famous for his drug abuses in the 1960s and ’70s, then seemingly recognised Neeson and said, “‘Wait, I know you!’ and then he’d move onto somebody else.

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