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Woman dubbed 'super-mum' for sleep trick that helps kids get 12 hours kip a night

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A family sleep coach has been dubbed 'super-mum' for helping parents get their tots to sleep without any issues - after managing to get her own children to sleep a whopping 12 hours a night from an early age.

Getting young babies to sleep through the night can feel like a huge and almost unachievable task, as can ensuring parents get the same amount of rest, too.

But Sophie Middleton, who is professionally known as The Night Night Nanny, said her two daughters were sleeping full nights from 7pm until 7am from the ages of 10 weeks and 14 weeks respectively, reports the Mirror.

And apart from night feeds and the occasional early morning which she can "count on one hand", her system hasn't let her down yet.The woman, from Darlington, County Durham, had a job as a nanny for many years before having a family of her own, and originally thought that the babies she had looked after had just been good sleepers.So when she gave birth to her first daughter Isabelle, now five, she decided to put everything she knew about helping babies sleep to the test, and was successful in getting her youngster to sleep 12 hours a night from the age of 10 weeks.And to show it wasn't a coincidence or an accident, Sophie also tested out her methods with her second daughter Ruby, now three, and had the same results - despite people telling her she wouldn't get "two the same" when it comes to sleep.She said: "Everyone can have one baby and that one baby sleeps well, but when Isabelle was eight months, then I fell pregnant with Ruby.

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