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Prince Harry loses bid for personal police protection in UK at London High Court
were stripped of funded police protection after they stepped back from being “working royals” and moved to the US in 2020.Harry’s lawyers had sought a judicial review of the government’s refusal of his offer to hire police officers as his private security detail, which was initially denied by London’s High Court in May 2023.After the duke’s lawyers appealed the ruling, a judge granted permission for a full hearing to take place that would review the Home Office’s decision to strip the Sussexes of security.The father of two appeared in court on home soil back in December where his challenge of the initial ruling was heard over a two-and-a-half day period.At the ruling, the High Court judge slammed Harry’s claim that he was entitled to a full risk analysis by the Risk Management Board (RMB).“The claimant had no right to require RAVEC to initiate a fresh RMB process in the light of his changed situation,” Judge Lane said.“In determining what fairness demands in this context, it is important to understand that undergoing an RMB assessment is not a right or even a benefit. It is, as Sir James Eadie KC (for the Home Office) submits, an analytical tool.”“I do not consider that there was any procedural unfairness, such as might vitiate the decision,” he added.The case was held in private over privacy concerns.Harry told a hearing that security concerns were preventing him from visiting his home turf.However, Judge Lane said that “there is no merit in this contention.”“The UK is my home.
King Charles is keeping succession plans ‘highly secret’ from Prince Harry: expert
his cancer diagnosis.And according to royal expert and author Tom Quinn, Charles’s ailing health prompted him to work on a concrete plan for when its time to hand over the reins to Prince William.“Succession planning is highly secret and no one trusts Harry to be part of it for the simple reason that if he feels in any way slighted or not given what he feels he deserves he will run straight to the media,” Quinn told the Mirror.Quinn, who wrote “Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family,” suggested that William, the heir to the throne, is “at the heart” of the King’s succession plans.“Charles is also aware that, as future king, William is at the heart of the succession planning that is taking place right now — officials had assumed Charles would remain healthy at least into his mid-eighties before succession planning would need to begin but in fact, it has now begun and indicates perhaps that Charles’ cancer is more dangerous than we have been led to believe,” Quinn added.The Post has reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment.It comes just days after it was reported that William had blocked any chance of his younger brother’s return to the royal fold after he reportedly expressed interest in a partial return to royal duties.The Prince of Wales, 41, has apparently made it clear to Harry that he’s no longer welcome to return as a working royal after he and his wife, Meghan Markle, shut the door on royal life in 2020.“Prince William has his own private turmoil,” royal expert and commentator Helena Chard told Fox News.
King Charles ‘firmly of the opinion’ that Prince Harry can’t return as working royal: report
interview with “Good Morning America,” where he hinted that the recent health woes could have a “reunifying effect” on his family.But it seems as though that feeling is not reciprocated 5,459 miles away from Montecito, Calif., as sources close to the monarch say he’s “firmly of the opinion” that Harry can’t return as a working royal.“Have the King and Harry been speaking? Yes. Does this mean a return to the fold even on a temporary basis? No,” a source told the Daily Mail.Another insider added, “Aside from a small number of investitures, the King does not plan to offload a great number of duties on other family members while he undergoes treatment.”Other sources noted that Harry’s “half-in, half-out” approach simply isn’t enough to see him return to the royal fold with his wife, Meghan Markle.Despite that, insiders claim that Charles, 75, would be open to fixing his damaged relationship with his youngest son.The Post has reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment.Over the weekend, sources close to Harry told Page Six that the Duke of Sussex would be willing to return to royal duties if he was asked to.“I have a hard time believing if his dad asks for his help that Harry would say no, I think he would try,” an insider said.But at the same time, the source added: “I don’t think it’s something that Harry would ask [to do] on his own.”During his interview on “GMA” Friday, Harry said, “I think any illness, any sickness brings families together.