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Girls Aloud promise “magic” tour – but shows will “never be the same” without Sarah Harding
Girls Aloud have promised fans that their upcoming tour will be “magic”, and added that it will “never be the same” without Sarah Harding.News that the ‘00s girl group would be reforming arrived last week (November 22), when surviving members Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl and Nadine Coyle announced that they would be coming together for a run of live shows next year.The 2024 gigs will mark their first performance as a group since 2013, it will also be their first tour since the death of bandmate Sarah Harding, who passed away in 2021 due to breast cancer.Now, in a new interview the members have shed light on what fans can expect from the live shows, and revealed how they plan to pay tribute to the late Harding.“It will never be the same again, we accept that,” Cheryl told Sky News, “but we’re going to make a new type of sparkle with her in it.”“You’re reminded so constantly that she isn’t here,” added Coyle, confirming that the performances will be dedicated to Harding. “She is very much a part of who we are still, a huge part.”According to the members, they still need to arrange who will sing lines originally sung by Harding when it comes to the live shows, and the rehearsals are set to begin in the new year.“Fans have lost Sarah as well,” said Roberts to the outlet.