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Kate Hudson Is the Best Part of Glass Onion

, and Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara. After seeing Glass Onion, I am convinced that there is a new iconic performance to add to the list: Kate Hudson as Birdie Jay.In Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Hudson has scene-stealing comedic delivery, effortless charisma, and exceptional character work.

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Emmerdale fans left completely heartbroken after gut-wrenching Faith Dingle scene
Emmerdale fans were left upset after recent scenes between Faith and Tracy played out and viewers couldn't handle the emotions.While sat in the Woolpack surrounded by her children, Faith took a turn for the worst and fell onto the carpet.She was told to take it easy and was later shown laying down on the sofa when Tracey walked in with her pram.READ MORE: Emmerdale's real-life tragedies – harrowing loss, cancer, health battle and fireAt first, Faith clearly didn't recognise Tracey but soon came round and noticed her face.The pair sat down together and tears began to flow as they spoke about treasured memories together.Tracy reminded Faith of the time she found her under a tree and for a second, Faith appeared not to know what she was talking about.In a moment of clarity, Faith quickly remembered the emotional moment and they began discussing the event.Tracy welled up as Faith's tears rolled down her cheek and the two comforted each other.Faith tried to call the pair of them an "ox," to resemble their strength, but Tracey kindly corrected her and reminded the Dingle matriarch that an ox is male.Tracey corrected herself and branded the pair of them "tough old cows" which made them both giggle. Many fans called it a "lovely scene" between the two while one simply tweeted: "That scene between Faith and Tracey," with a tear.Another typed: "I remember that field scene with Faith and Tracey.