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Honest review of Legoland Windsor's Woodland Village: 'Genius layout means kids dream trip is perfect for parents'

My children spent weeks excitedly planning our trip to Legoland - peppering conversation with dreams of rollercoasters, refillable slushies and arguments about who would build the fastest racing car. So why then, as we finally explored Miniland on a warm sunny day, did they beg to be somewhere else? "I want to go back to our Lego house," was the request of my five-year-old, who had just had his "best night ever" sleeping in a plastic brick cabin straight out of a storybook.

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‘The Legend Of Zelda’ may be getting its own Lego set this year
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time‘s Deku Tree may be released later this year, according to known Lego leakers.READ MORE: ‘Persona 3 Reload’ is shaping up to be a must-play remakeAccording to known leakers ‘Brickmerge’ and ‘1414falconfan‘ on Instagram, The Great Deku Tree Lego set could be released in September 2024 and consists of 2,500 pieces. This would be the first set based on The Legend Of Zelda franchise and would come off the back of several collaborations with Nintendo for both Animal Crossing and Mario.Rumor: Could this Zelda lego set be coming soon?— Zelda Gif World (@GifZelda) February 3, 2023Last year a potential leaked image of the Lego Deku Tree appeared online, supposedly coming from an internal survey that featured other allegedly in-production sets such as a Rivendell set from Lord Of The Rings, which was later confirmed as being real, leading to speculation that the Lego Deku Tree could also be real.Lego later started copyright striking any YouTube video that reported on the leaks, further leading credence to the suspicion that the leak was legit and that a set based on The Legend Of Zelda was coming sooner rather than later.The latest game in The Legend Of Zelda franchise, The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, launched last year and was nominated for several awards, including Game Of The Year at The Game Awards.