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Honest review of Legoland Windsor's Woodland Village: 'Genius layout means kids dream trip is perfect for parents'

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My children spent weeks excitedly planning our trip to Legoland - peppering conversation with dreams of rollercoasters, refillable slushies and arguments about who would build the fastest racing car.

So why then, as we finally explored Miniland on a warm sunny day, did they beg to be somewhere else? "I want to go back to our Lego house," was the request of my five-year-old, who had just had his "best night ever" sleeping in a plastic brick cabin straight out of a storybook.

We'd been the lucky guests of Legoland's new Woodland village, days after it opened in late May.The £35million resort is composed of 130 lodges and 20 glamping barrels all leading off a meandering path set around a fenced off lake looping to and from central Clubhouse.

Each cabin is designed to look as if it were made of Lego, with the carbon neutral resort proudly boasting a back to nature theme.

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