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‘Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning: Part 1’ Trailer: It’s Time To Pick A Side

The latest trailer of ‘the Mission Impossible franchise, “Mission Impossible 7” was leaked onto Twitter this weekend, and now it’s officially out. The official trailer was screened at CinemaCon in April, with lead-star, Tom Cruise showing off the trailer to patrons of the event.

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'Could've saved my breast' Julia Bradbury addresses 'brutal' cancer in health breakthrough
“Thousands of other women could be saved from the trauma of brutal treatment.“Lives could be saved if this test was available on the NHS. Please share.“#mastectomy #breastcancer #Awareness #prevention.”Julia accompanied the post with an article which detailed the genetic test rollout.Julia was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2021 and she received the news while filming for This Morning in the forest. The former Countryfile presenter had a mastectomy to have a 6cm tumour removed from her left breast.The post read: “Breakthrough for breast cancer as simple saliva test could spot women at the highest risk years earlier.“Saving thousands of under-50s.”The test is used alongside the standard medical and life history information and as a measure of women's breast density.It has accurately predicted a higher risk of breast cancer in just under 50 per cent of those who got it.Professor Gareth Evans, who led the study at Manchester University, said: “If all these women took drugs to prevent breast cancer, that could prevent a quarter of breast cancer cases and potentially save the lives of 2,000 women a year.He added to the Daily Mail: “If young women at high risk were offered annual mammograms, that could save hundreds more a year.Researchers want the one-off genetic test to be rolled out to women at around the age of 30, safely before they are eligible for mammograms aged 50.Fans took to Julia’s post to share their thoughts.@Juliagrant20 posted: “Can we please remember that 2% of breast cancer cases are men.“My late husband being one of them.“#menhavebreaststoo You have a platform to remind people of this, thank you.“Good look with your recovery.”Julia then replied: “Yes and I do whenever I can.
This Morning fans brand The Speakmans 'rude' after they dish out harsh advice
This Morning fans seemed rather uncomfortable during Monday's episode (May 23) after Nik and Eva Speakman seemed to shout at phone-in guests while giving advice.The famous couple appeared on the ITV programme alongside presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to help viewers who were currently struggling with a particular phobia.Trying to see if he could potentially eradicate his fear of flying, a caller named James shared the reason why he didn't want to fly in a plane due to a bad experience he previously had.But viewers quickly picked up on the fact that Eva was rather blunt with her response and told him he could definitely overcome his anxiety rather quickly.Seeing her be so abrupt with the caller, viewers quickly rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts on her approach, with some even branding her as "rude".Taking to Twitter one person said: "Oh my god she is so rude!!!!"Another commented: "Of course! You just need to get over the fact, James, that accidents can happen on the plane even though IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. This advice, seriously..."A third annoyed viewer penned: "The Speakmans were a disgrace this morning, people only need a one time incident to develop a phobia, they of all people should know this but basically brushed off every caller and told them to get over it, absolute frauds.."This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.
Prince William honoured by Royal Mint with £5 coin – but fans are all saying one thing
Prince William has been ridiculed after it change one very obvious feature of the Duke of Cambridge.The Royal Mint announced that the special coin will be made in honour of the Duke's 40th birthday.It will also mark the first time he has appeared alone on an official coin struck by the Royal Mint.It has been created by designer and engraver Thomas T Docherty, and shows a regal-looking Prince facing outwards in a side-profile.However, it's what is on top of the Duke's head that has sparked ridicule from social media users.Prince William has been known to have a bald patch for many years, but the coin has seemingly changed that and given him an almost-Bobby Charlton-like comb-over.One Twitter user bluntly wrote: “Does the Royal Mint think they're minting coins in the mediaeval times? “We all know that Prince William is as bald as a freshly waxed testicle, so who in the f*** is this with all this hair supposed to be?”The same user also whether or not the Royal Mint were secretly telling the Prince to get "hair plugs".And another user questioned: “This is a toupee, surely?” While many on Twitter simply replied with laughing emojis in response to comments made about the hair.However, back in 2017, the debate about the hair first started at the Royal Mint.At the time, the Royal Mint had planned to draw up new coins to mark the Queen being a great-grandmother.However, as the designs were finalised, concerns were raised about the coverage of the prince’s barnet, as it was reported at the time.Members of the advisory committee of Design of Coins, Medals and Decorations, which oversees the production of commemorative pieces, met to discuss the issue.
Only Fools And Horses’ Patrick Murray ‘cured’ of lung cancer as 'tumour found in liver'
lung cancer.The Only Fools And Horses actor also revealed another tumour had been found in his liver, but that it was luckily considered “treatable”. Patrick, 65, told fans he was “over the moon” that his lung cancer had been “cured” and the tumour in his liver was also “shrinking”. The star’s cancerous lung tumour was caught in its early stages at the beginning of this year when he had some scans.Patrick underwent surgery, as well as chemotherapy, to remove the tumour. During his treatment, another tumour was discovered in his liver, but doctors confirmed it was “treatable”.Patrick addressed his 11,800 Twitter followers today, revealing his exciting health update.He explained: “Thanks again for all your lovely messages. As you may know, I was diagnosed with lung cancer last July.“After an op in Oct to remove the tumour I had chemo to help prevent the cancer returning. “During this chemo, another tumour was discovered in my liver.“Luckily for me this cancer was unconnected to the lung cancer and was also treatable.”The actor then told his followers he had received transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (Tace), a minimally invasive procedure performed in interventional radiology to restrict a tumour’s blood supply.“I had a procedure called Tace to deal with this,” he explained. “Last Friday l saw my oncologist,” he continued.
Harry and Meghan will be 'acting' on Queen's Jubilee visit, says royal expert
BBC Breakfast welcomed royal correspondent Jennie Bond to talk about the Queen's Jubilee on Sunday's (May 22) programme.Talking about the June Jubilee, Jenny said: "Yes, of course, Harry will be a distraction full stop and Meghan as well."And all eyes will be on how they act and talking bout Charles and Camilla acting earlier, I think there will be a lot of acting as they go around as a family."She continued: "We are going to be watching the body language which is a shame but this is not about that this is about the Queen, not about Andrew, not about Harry it's about the Queen."This comes a day after Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt was left red-faced on the show after appearing to forget co-host Naga Munchetty's name.At the start of the show, Charlie stuttered as he tried to introduce his colleague.The host said: "good morning welcome to BBC Breakfast with Naga mmm Maga mm, before sighing and saying oh Boy."Naga then had to come to his rescue by butting in and finishing off the introduction herself, saying "Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt".He then tried again and was able to get his co-host's name right this time around.He smiled at Naga and said: "Good morning and welcome to breakfast with Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt."BBC Breakfast viewers stormed to Twitter to comment on Charlie's blunder.One said: "Charlie forgot who he was working with for a second there."Another added: "Charlie just f***d up the intro."Earlier this week, Charlie was praised after he caught out Deputy Prime Minister over the current issue of rising fuel prices.Over on Twitter, viewers went wild for Charlie for "riling" up Dominic Raab during his clever and tactical interview.One person commented: "Raab getting defensive there with Charlie… I
The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades says he is ‘making some big changes’ after landing new job
Jay Blades was thrilled to find out he had been appointed the first chancellor of Buckinghamshire New University.The Repair Shop star promised some “big changes” would be coming during his time in charge.Jay, 52, took to Twitter this morning to update his 49,300 followers about his exciting new role. “GREAT NEWS FLASH,” he wrote in the caption accompanying a video clip. “This morning I became the first chancellor of my old university, @BucksNewUni, making some big changes future.” (sic)“What do you think?” he asked his fans.Jay attended Buckinghamshire New University as a mature student studying criminology and philosophy at the age of 30.Now, the furniture restorer will be its first chancellor - a role he accepted on the condition that the university reinstated its furniture and restoration course.He also asked to start a scholarship programme and will sponsor several students each year.Jay appeared ecstatic in the accompanying video as he gave his fans the full rundown. “I tell you what, today is a good day,” he began. “I said to some of you (a few of you) that on Friday I got some great, great, great news… And here it is.”“The great news is that I have become a chancellor - I know, a chancellor - of my old university in High Wycombe. At this point Jay nodded, adding: “I know, it’s a big look isn’t it?”“Normally being a chancellor is left for people like Lords and Ladies, but there’s me… Being a chancellor.“And I said to my university…” Jay said as he came to a realisation.