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Al Roker's wife Deborah Roberts left emotional by son Nick's big achievement

Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts had quite the emotional Sunday as they saw their son Nick grow up right before their eyes.MORE: Today's Al Roker completes Brooklyn half marathon - and he looks incredible!The two took to social media to share over the weekend that their youngest gave the sermon at their church as a graduating senior.VIDEO: Al Roker celebrates son Nick's 19th birthdayThey shared many family snapshots that included Nick in his robes and some while he gave his sermon as they looked on with joyful and with pride.Deborah in particular revealed that she was left in tears as she shared her thoughts, writing: "Sentimental Sunday for this mama. Please allow me to bask and boast a bit about our beautiful youngest, Nick. MORE: Al Roker shares unexpected video for daughter revealing unfortunate health diagnosis"After years of demonstrating what it means to show up, reach high and press on, Nick was chosen to speak about his journey @stjameschurchnyc today." She then paid a heartfelt tribute to him as she added: "Since childhood, Nick has had the kindest heart that is bursting with warmth and wonder and wide open optimism.

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Mysterious 'Alien’ signal came from Earth-like star system, scientist says
from the stars may finally have been explained, 45 years after it was received.The minute-long burst of radio energy known as the “Wow signal” has kept scientists speculating about its origins since it was received on August 15, 1977.While no-one has been able to detect a message hidden in the signal, it remains the most convincing candidate for a signal from an alien world.And now, scientists have a better idea of where that world could be.Astronomer Alberto Caballero has isolated a star, roughly the same size as our own Sun, that’s exactly where the source of the signal appeared to be.Named after a stunned astronomer scribbled 'wow!" on a printout of the data, The Wow! Signal is considered "the best SETI candidate radio signal that we have picked up with our telescopes,” Alberto told Live Science.And he has now identified a potential source of the mysterious signal.He painstakingly went though images collected by the European Space Agency's Gaia mission, which used a billion-pixel camera to image our galaxy in unprecedented detail.Focusing on two areas where the signal could have come from, he examined every star in turn, looking for K-type star systems, which are believed to be hospitable to life as we know it, and G-type stars – like our own Sun.One of the candidates, listed as 2MASS 19281982-2640123, is almost exactly like the Sun in terms of its size and its energy output."There is a solar analog in the region where the most alien-like signal has come from,” Alberto says.While no planets have as yet been detected in orbit around the distant star, some 1,800 light-years from Earth, Alberto’s discovery could point the way to the identification of extraterrestrial civilisation.His findings were published May 6 in the
A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies forced to apologise after buyer left in tears
A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies offered comfort a guest star after she burst into tears at the sight of one of the houses Danni had suggested for her.Menzies, who is a regular host on the A Place in the Sun lineup, accompanied married couple Tony and Julie as they toured the Italian coast.The pair were looking for a property in Trabocchi in hopes of finding a forever home with “plenty of character”.Their needs were a quiet apartment or villa and they were willing to stretch up to £165,00 if they found somewhere they fell in love with.However, the episode did not get off to a good start as Danni showed the couple her chosen houses.First up, an apartment in the middle of the town’s hustle and bustle.Tony and Julie complained that the property was too close to the action for their liking, so the trio swiftly moved on to Danni’s second suggestion.Another disappointment was on the cards as the house that Menzies found, despite being 50-years-old, gave too much of a “new build” vibe.Tony said that the property was not charming enough for them and that it didn’t “feel Italian”.At the fourth property, which Danni reassured them was “bursting with character,” the couple were over the moon and Julie began to cry.As soon as she saw the views that the house had to offer, Julie began to blub.The apartment boasted views of rolling green hills, snowy mountains and gorgeous skies, which all proved too much for Julie who said she was “overwhelmed”.The buyer apologised to the host, who put her arm around her in a reassuring gesture.However, their joy was slightly overshadowed when they received the news that the property was two on the same land.
Fans 'crying' as mad commentator's hysterical singing after Kevin Phillips goal resurfaces
goalgasms' are the funniest thing in football commentary, then oh boy, you ain't seen nothin' yet!Prepare yourself for the best minute-and-a-half of your week as an Argentine commentator legitimately loses his mind live on air after Kevin Phillips scores for Southampton against Chelsea in 2005.After starting with the customary elongated 'goooooaaal' we get from most Latin mic-men, he randomly bursts into song, providing viewers with a glorious rendition of The Rolling Stones' 1965 hit (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, replacing half the lyrics with 'Kevin Phillips'.Instead of the famous line, 'Cause I try, and I try, and I try, and I try, I can't GET NO', we get, "Kevin Phil, Kevin Phil, Kevin Phil, Kevin Phil, Kevin PHIL-LIPS," which to be fair rolls off the tongue just as easily as Mick Jagger's lyrics.What makes it even funnier is the way he stops abruptly mid-song and seamlessly transitions back into regular commentary when Didier Drogba breaks through on goal (watch the insanity in full below, for your own good).Even if he spoke in Spanish ever week, would be happy if this commentator took Robbie Savage's job at BT Sports? Let us know in the comments section below"This is absolute insane is he on drugs hahaha," one Twitter user wrote."Now that’s what we need more of instead of the dry depressed and biased commentary we have to suffer on sky.