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The Mighty Thor is coming to ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

Square Enix has announced that Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is coming to Marvel’s Avengers next week.Sharing the news yesterday on Twitter (June 22), the publisher revealed that the Mighty Thor will be headed to the game as part of the previously announced free 2.5 update on June 28.“Jane’s Mighty Thor is an unstoppable force of nature that new players and seasoned vets alike will want to experience,” said Marvel’s Avengers art director, Jeff Adams. “We hope that you enjoy the assortment of awesome outfits created for her.”Gaze upon the glory of the Mighty Thor!Art Director Jeff Adams is here to discuss the design philosophy in some of the Mighty Thor's iconic comic-inspired Outfits.⛈️— Marvel's Avengers (@PlayAvengers) June 22, 2022As the new developer blog further explains, Jane Foster will also receive four outfits after her release.

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‘Destiny 2’ cheat makers agree to pay Bungie £10.7million to end lawsuit
Destiny 2 cheat site Elite Boss Tech have agreed to pay Bungie £10.7million ($13.5million) to end their ongoing lawsuit with the company.Earlier this month (June 9) Elite Boss Tech owner Robert James Duthie Nelson and other defendants, agreed that their cheating software injects third-party code into Bungie’s copyrighted code which constitutes  “unauthorised, derivative work.”They admitted they did this wilfully. According to court documents (via Torrentfreak), the cheat software was downloaded 6765 times, with every download a separate infringement earning the defendants a £1588 ($2000) fine.As part of this agreement, the cheat makers had to agree to never create or distribute any kind of software that infringes upon Bungie’s copyrighted works again.“This permanent injunction is binding against Defendants worldwide, without regard to the territorial scope of the specific intellectual property rights asserted in the Complaint and may be enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction wherever Defendants or their assets may be found,” the motion reads.“Any violations of this order by Defendants will subject them to the full scope of this Court’s contempt authority, including punitive, coercive, and monetary sanctions.”In April, ​​Bungie had its legal case against cheat site AimJunkies dismissed.“Notably, Bungie has not pleaded any facts explaining how the cheat software constitutes an unauthorized copy of any of the copyrighted works identified in the complaint.
‘FIFA 22’ packs use “wide arsenal of tricks” to exploit players, says report
FIFA 22 packs for pressuring players into making in-game purchases and being misleading about their odds of getting particular rewards.Published yesterday (May 31), the report offers an investigation into “how the gaming industry exploits consumers using loot boxes” and uses two games – FIFA 22 and Raid: Shadow Legends – as case studies embodying the industry’s “manipulative” practices regarding loot boxes.The NCC says the practice often involves “targeting loot boxes and manipulative practices at kids” and using “layers of virtual currencies to mask or distort real-world monetary costs”.The report goes on to identify FIFA 22 as a case study for this behaviour, and accuses developer EA of employing “a wide arsenal of tricks to push consumers into spending as much time and money as possible exploiting consumers hope to receive the reward despite a miniscule chance and likelihood to do so.”FIFA 22 allegedly markets its packs by aggressively trying to trigger players’ fear of missing out, and the report claims EA’s transparency mechanics are “meaningless probability disclaimers” that do not actually tell players the specific probability of getting desired 90+ rated cards.Going on, the NCC claim that even when players get their desired reward from a pack, they rarely stay valuable due to “power creep over the FIFA gameplay cycle” that slowly introduces stronger and stronger cards.“This creates a continuous gameplay loop, where players are continuously encouraged to open packs in the hope of obtaining upgraded cards to keep up with other players,” condemns the report.It’s also alleged that because FIFA‘s pack probabilities are “dynamically generated”, they “can potentially be manipulated in real time based on any number of