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14 Best Sports Bras for Running, Endorsed by Actual Runners 2024

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support and cushion your feet, the best sports bras for running are important to protect your chest from bouncing and . Finding the right can not only make your run much more comfortable and enjoyable, but proper breast support can even improve your .

But make sure that it fits properly, because if doesn’t, you may . To find the best running sports bras, we asked marathoners, trail runners, trainers, running coaches, and even Olympic athletes for their top picks, whether on daily jogs or long distance races.Running is a high-intensity and high-impact activity, so your perfect sports bra should offer more support than for other exercises like, say, yoga.

Sports bras are usually categorized with a level of support: light, medium, or high. The bigger your chest size, the more support you’ll likely need.According to Olympic runner , you’ll also want to look for the right bra features for your chest size. “For someone with bigger boobs, sports bras with more fabric and a breast shaped molded into the front [molded cups] might be helpful,” she says, compared to bras that are flat without much shaping in the chest area.

Molded cups provide both space and structure to keep the boob bounce-age to a minimum. Those with small chests may be comfortable without molded cups, and with just a compressive fabric to keep everything in place.Another thing to look out for is the design, which contributes to comfort and breathability.

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