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Actors who once absolutely refused to work together

an actor’s method of preparation or questionable commitment to a role, there’s a plethora of reasons co-stars could butt heads. In some instances, these experiences can be so bad that it means they’ll never ever work together again.But for others, time heals their wounds and they’re able to at least co-exist on set again — even if it’s just for the fans’ sake. Other actors on this list didn’t just affect their co-stars, but members of the production team, too.Let’s just say there’s a reason why they tell you to meet your idols, let alone work with them and be crushed by their lack of professionalism.

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Ozzy Osbourne thinks he has “10 years left” to live “at best”
Ozzy Osbourne has made the grim statement that he thinks he has “10 years left” to live.The legendary metal musician and former frontman of Black Sabbath made the revelation in a recent interview with Rolling Stone UK, in which the Prince Of Darkness spoke about his lengthy health troubles, which have included numerous surgeries in the last couple of years.During his chat with the publication, Osbourne spoke about his outlook on death, saying that he doesn’t “fear dying”, but that he doesn’t want to have “a long, painful and miserable experience”.He went on to add that he told his wife Sharon that he had smoked a joint recently: “She said ‘What are you doing that for! It’ll fucking kill you!’ I said, ‘How long do you want me to fucking live for?!’ At best, I’ve got ten years left and when you’re older, time picks up speed. Me and Sharon had our 41st wedding anniversary recently, and that’s just unbelievable to me!”Elsewhere in the chat, Osbourne said that while he still hopes that he’d get the chance to perform again, he might have to “accept the fact” that he might never get the chance to do so.In September, the former Black Sabbath frontman underwent what he said would be his “final surgery” after he had suffered a fall in 2019, which dislodged metal rods that were put into his body after a quad bike crash in 2003.In July Ozzy provided a health update after cancelling his headlining slot at the Power Trip festival next month.