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Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s relationship is ‘broken’ — reconciliation ‘more and more unlikely’

visited London this week to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.The trip marked his first since learning of his estranged sister-in-law’s cancer diagnosis in March.However, hopes for a royal reconciliation were slashed on Tuesday when Harry’s reps confirmed to The Post that he would not meet with his family, specifically King Charles, due to the king’s “full” schedule.What’s more, no members of the royal family attended Wednesday’s Invictus celebrations at St.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry all smiles in Nigeria after secretly reuniting at London’s Heathrow Airport
slammed this week for her “odd” decision to skip her husband’s UK trip this week as he headed to his home soil to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.Harry, 39, touched down in the capital on Tuesday — but his stay was brief as he was already en route to the airport just two days later.The “Suits” alum landed at Heathrow Thursday evening after flying solo from Los Angeles.She met up with her husband at the airport’s VIP Windsor Suite before the pair boarded a commercial British Airways flight to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, the Daily Mail reports.The duo, who quit royal life in 2020, were invited to Nigeria by the West African country’s chief of defense staff — its highest-ranking military official.The pair’s flight experienced a slight delay due to the pilot falling ill, according to the outlet. The duo were sat in first class of the Boeing 777.The Sussexes landed in Nigeria Friday morning, and were reportedly first to be escorted off the aircraft.The pair were greeted by Nigerian officials at the Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, and were escorted into a waiting minibus upon arrival.They were accompanied by the security team that looked after Harry during his London trip this week.Harry and Meghan are already back in action in Nigeria, as the pair have their first official engagement with General Christopher Musa, Chief of Defense Staff.The couple, who were each gifted a traditional wooden beaded necklace, visited children at the Lights Academy in Abuja, where they were greeted by cheering crowds.The former actress was dressed in a peach-hued maxi dress and accessorized with gold jewelry.
Meghan Markle criticized for ‘odd’ decision to stay in LA with kids while Prince Harry is in London
leaving the duke on his own during his quick trip.And while it’s not the first time the “Suits” alum left her husband to his own devices on home soil, Markle jetted off to Nigeria this week, where she’ll be reunited with the duke on Thursday.“Meghan seems to spend a lot of time in LA at home, she doesn’t tend to come over to the UK that much,” Grand Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years when he was the Prince of Wales, exclusively told The Post.“I would have thought she would have wanted to come over and support Harry because the Invictus Games is a big part of his life, but it does seem odd.”“I don’t know if that’s because of what’s happened or because she is family orientated and wants to spend her time with the family,” he said on behalf of Fruity Slots, noting that “there must be a reason for it.”“It does seem odd as to why she didn’t — I can only assume she wanted to stay home with the family, as that’s a big part of what she does,” Harrold added.Harry, 39, touched down in London on Tuesday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.But as his estranged, cancer-stricken dad King Charles continues cancer treatment — much like the Princess of Wales to boot — questions were raised as to why Harry didn’t bring Archie and Lilibet with him so that they could see their ailing grandfather.According to Harrold, the exiled royal “was aware” of his father’s jam-packed schedule — making it “tricky” for the kids to come along.“The late Queen was always about family, that’s not to say that the King isn’t about family as well, but there’s obviously something going on for Harry to choose not to.”“There may be a plan for later in the year for Harry to bring them over, maybe when it’s quieter,” he added.
Prince Harry being forced to stay at London hotel shows ‘deteriorated’ relationship with royals: ‘It’s sad’
forced to check into a hotel room during his brief return to London this week.The Duke of Sussex, 39, touched down on home soil Tuesday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.But as the royal rift between him and the Firm rages on, Harry reportedly set up camp at a luxe London hotel for his stay.“I think that just shows the state of the relationship between Harry and the family,” Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years when he was the Prince of Wales, exclusively told The Post.“Obviously Harry did have apartments at Clarence House. Clarence House is a huge property — it just goes to show the divisions between him and the family.”“If you come to the UK and you have family here, you would probably stay with them, wouldn’t you? I think it’s a very clear signal that the relationship between Harry and his family has deteriorated,” Harrold said on behalf of Fruity Slots, adding that the situation is “sad.”The Post has reached out to Harry’s reps for comment.Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were last year evicted from Frogmore Cottage — a royal residence they thought would “always be there for them.”The pair were gifted the property’s rent lease by the late Queen Elizabeth II after their 2018 wedding.
King Charles and Prince Harry were less than 3 miles apart in London — but the pair still didn’t meet
returned to London this week to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.But hopes for a royal reconciliation were slashed later that day when Harry’s reps confirmed to The Post that he would not meet with his estranged father due to the king’s “full” schedule.And on Wednesday, the estranged duo’s rift was on clear display as the king hosted a garden party — his first since his cancer diagnosis — at Buckingham Palace for some 8,000 guests.At the same time — just 2.6 miles away — Harry gave a reading at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral to mark a decade since the inaugural Invictus Games took place in the capital.Over at the palace, the monarch, 75, was joined by his wife, Queen Camilla, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.Harry, for his part, arrived at his event alone.Inside, he was joined by his late mother Princess Diana’s relatives, including his uncle and aunt Earl Spencer and Lady Jane Fellowes, who greeted the Duke with a hug.Harry appeared to be in good spirits as he beamed from ear to ear upon arrival, waving to excited fans lining the streets of London.He later joined Invictus competitors and staff for a reception in the cathedral’s crypt, before diving into endless meetings for the rest of the day.Prince William did not attend either event, instead carrying out a royal engagement at Windsor Castle Wednesday morning spending the day with his cancer-stricken wife Kate Middleton and their three children.
Prince Harry ‘hit hard’ by Kate Middleton cancer battle as she and William are ‘going through hell’
touched down in London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.Later that day, Harry’s reps confirmed to The Post that he will not be meeting up with his estranged father this week due to King Charles’ “full” schedule.What’s more, the rest of the royals have made no plans to see him during his brief visit to London, which includes the Prince and Princess of Wales.“Harry would love to reconnect with Kate,” Christopher Andersen, who penned “The King: The Life of Charles III,” told Fox News.“They were once extremely close, and Harry was hit hard by the news of her cancer diagnosis, which he learned about just the way the rest of us did, via Kate’s shocking video.”“Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear [Prince] William is willing to let his brother anywhere near his ailing wife,” he added.Andersen said there has been “too much drama” between the two camps that has caused “lingering bitterness on everyone’s part.”“The chances of even a meeting between Harry and the rest of the royal family, much less some sort of reconciliation, seem extremely slim,” he added.In a further blow to the exiled royal, Harry was reportedly forced to check into a hotel room after not being offered a bed at any royal residences peppered across the country. He also won’t be seeing King Charles while in the UK.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘ruined’ Charles’ first year as King by ‘cashing in’ on royal name: expert
first anniversary of his May 6 coronation on Monday, following 12 months of several challenges and health woes plaguing the United Kingdom’s royal family.But according to royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, the most testing times for the Firm were caused by none other than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.In fact, Fitzwilliams believes that Harry and his wife “retaliated” after being evicted from Frogmore Cottage — a royal residence they thought would “always be there for them.”“The facts simply are with Harry and Megan that after ‘Spare,’ enough was enough, so he had them evicted from Frogmore Cottage, and I don’t think they expected it,” the royal guru told the Sun.“And they certainly didn’t like it. But the revelations in ‘Spare,’ and not only the attacks on the royal family in that book and in the interviews surrounding it, which large numbers of people watched, of course, that Harry was responsible for, and it was his memoir.”Fitzwilliams said that while Harry’s bombshell memoir was released in January last year, it’s pearl-clutching revelations still managed to have an impact on the king’s reign.” ‘Spare’ was so badly planned, you felt that he’d not had advice, but to attack Queen Camilla was clearly a red line, as was pointed out by the press that he’s so hostile to,” he told the outlet.
King Charles admits cancer diagnosis came as a ‘shock,’ gives treatment update
returned to official public duties Tuesday as he and wife Queen Camilla visited a cancer treatment center in London where he met with medical specialists.During a visit to University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre, the king spoke to fellow cancer patients who are currently undergoing chemotherapy.“It’s always a bit of a shock, isn’t it, when they tell you?” Charles said, per the Times of London, of finding out about his diagnosis in February.Charles was heard telling them that he was feeling “well” and “not too bad” as he continues to receive outpatient treatment.“I’ve got to have my treatment this afternoon as well,” he was heard saying Tuesday.While Charles didn’t reveal details of his diagnosis or treatment plan, he did chat to other patients about their experience with chemo.The monarch asked a male patient whether he was using a cold cap — a method that helps to retain hair growth throughout the procedure.Charles was heard saying that the cold cap method can “help.” He also shook hands with nurses at the facility, telling them, “We really can’t live without you.”Elsewhere, Queen Camilla was heard sharing her knowledge of her husband’s illness, asking patients if they’ve experienced tiredness.“For a lot of people the food starts tasting different,” she also added.Following the king and queen’s visit, one staffer told the outlet, “We were not expecting it at all. We thought it would be very generic, questions about other people’s treatment.”“But he was very open with the patients about how he was feeling.
Prince Harry forced to stay at hotel during UK trip next week as royals are ‘too busy’ to meet with him
his trip to the UK next week, according to a report.The Duke of Sussex is gearing up to return to London on May 8 for the first time since his visit to see King Charles after his cancer diagnosis in February.It’ll be Harry’s first trip to his home soil since learning of his sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis last month.There, he will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.And while the trip could be the perfect chance for a royal reconciliation, the royals have not offered up any of their many residences for Harry, GB News reports.The father of two is expected to stay at a hotel during his London trip — something he opted to do during his blink-and-you-miss-it trip to London in February.The Post has reached out to Harry’s reps for comment.In September, Harry requested to stay at Windsor Castle during his previous trip to his home soil.However, the royal family, who cited a lack of notice, denied the request.What’s more, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace officials have not confirmed any indication of any royals attending next week’s event, the Telegraph reports.In fact, King Charles is reportedly “too busy” to meet with his youngest son, the outlet adds.Per the Telegraph, the King’s busy schedule includes his weekly audience with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, as well as the first Buckingham Palace garden party of the season and previous engagements.The celebratory service will take place two days after Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s son, Prince Archie, celebrates his fifth birthday.
Meghan Markle roasted for sending Kris Jenner her ‘garbage’ jam: ‘Could not sink any lower’
Meghan Markle’s jam from her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.The “Kardashians” star shared a photo of her gift via social media on Wednesday, revealing that she was the 13th person out of 50 to receive it.“Thank you,” Jenner, 68, simply wrote, tagging the new company. She also showed off a handwritten note with her name, which was written by the Duchess of Sussex.Markle, 42, previously worked as a calligrapher from 2004-2005, even writing the invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding in 2005.In August 2023, Markle’s mom, Doria Ragland, hung out with Jenner and Kim Kardashian at an LA gala.The “Suits” alum has also sent a basket with her jar and lemons to stars such as Chrissy Teigen, Mindy Kaling, Tracee Ellis Ross, Abigail Spencer and more.Royal critics, however, were quick to slam Markle on X (formerly Twitter) once Jenner confirmed she made the cut.“Kris Jenner shows off #MeghanMarkle’s AMAZING handwriting/calligraphy! Sheesh!” one person wrote.“Must of been a late delivery…lemons look wilted?” another joked.“Good grief Kris Jenner is worth billions but could not afford some fresh lemons these look like she pulled them out of the garbage they look rotten.”Others were a bit more brutal.“Meghan Markle could not sink any lower.