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Russian mother proudly sends son to bloody Ukraine front line bragging 'I have another'

Russian mother whose son has been conscripted as part of Vladimir Putin’s mobilisation says she’s not sad because she has another.In a video doing the rounds online, she said she had ‘rasied men’ and as such supported the partial mobilisation announced last week.She said: "Of course I support mobilisation. It's because I raised men, not...

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US shoots down Iranian drone that 'posed threat' to forces in 'unprovoked attack'
Iranian drone which the US claimed posed a “threat” to its forces was shot down.In a statement made by the US Central Command (CENTCOM), they said that he “unmanned aerial vehicle” was heading in the direction of Erbil, Iraq.The organisation said that “condemned” the “unprovoked attack” that fortunately did not lead to any forces being wounded or killed.READ MORE: Ukraine 'deploying explosive suicide drones' against Russia's Black Sea fleetWhile there are several US troops that are currently operating in Iraq due to requests made by the Iraqi Government, it's confirmed that the strike took place at around 2.10pm local time (12.10pm UK time) on Wednesday (September 28).In it's statement, the CENTCOM said: “US Central Command condemns the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ unprovoked attack in Iraq’s Erbil Governorate this morning.“Such indiscriminate attacks threaten innocent civilians and risk the hard-fought stability of the region.“No US forces were wounded or killed as a result of the strikes and there is no damage to US equipment.“At approximately 2.10pm local time, US forces brought down an Iranian Mojer-6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle headed in the direction of Erbil as it appeared as a threat to CENTCOM forces in the area.“CENTCOM personnel operate in Iraq at the invitation of the Government of Iraq to advise, assist, and enable partner forces in ensuring the lasting defeat of ISIS.”To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Iraqi Kurdistan Health Minister Saman Barazanchi said Iran's Revolutionary Guards firing missiles and drones in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq has resulted in nine people being killed and 32 wounded.He revealed that: “Some of the wounded
Countdown's Rachel Riley asks 'should we be worried?' as suspicious parcel found backstage
Rachel Riley, 36, has taken to Twitter with a baffling post, asking whether "we should be worried", as she snapped a shot of a curious looking parcel in the lobby of the Channel 4 offices.The Countdown favourite asked her 692,700 Twitter followers for their thoughts on the oddly-shaped package.The star wrote: "Should we be worried?" while the large parcel could be seen near a window at the studios.It didn't take long before a cohort of her followers jumped on to the post to share their jokes and comments. @BakuraOfKulElna jibed: "How did you find out where the Tories have hidden the economy?"@Olafdedig posted: "Is that how Jimmy Carr is shipped ?"Some fans noted that the shape of the parcel curiously matched that of Doctor Who's evil villain, the Dalek.@SchizoDuckie joked: "Daleks can't hurt you if they're still in plafic wrap." @JakeCross1977 penned: "Exterminate! Exterminate!"@Paulgkk said: "Where's the Doctor when you need him?"It's not the first time Rachel has taken to Twitter in shock this week. She took to the opinion-sharing platform to express her views about Russian president Vladimir Putin after the world leader made threats about the possibility of nuclear war.He warned that he would use all options at his disposal to protect Russia's "territorial integrity". The maths whizz made no secret of her dislike of Putin when she told her 692,800 Twitter followers: "Forever rot."Rachel made her point as she reposted a tweet by Max Seddon, the Moscow Bureau Chief at the Financial Times, which had announced: "Putin is finally speaking."To defend the country and the people, we will use all the means at our disposal.'"Rachel, who has been in opposition to the Ukraine war, reacted to the news by urging the President to
Sick Russian war ritual where bagged-up POWs are forced to crawl through beatings
Russian soldiers at war have been laid bare by a Brit who suffered the torment first hand.Aiden Aslin fully expected to be executed or imprisoned by Vladimir Putin's army for decades after surrendering to them in Mariupol, Ukraine in April.The Nottinghamshire native, however, has now returned home to his family having served in Ukraine's military since 2018. READ MORE: Freed Brit Aiden Aslin thanks Elon Musk's Starlink for call home before Russian captureHe has made it his mission to raise awareness of the atrocities being committed by Russian forces to prisoners of war, in breach of the Geneva Convention.Taking to Twitter on Wednesday morning, Aiden, from Newark, said: "If people want to know how bad it got, just imagine hearing someone be beat to death who only just arrived after completing the crawl of beating which every POW goes though with a bag on their head from the processing area to the cell."Making light of his hell which he experienced alongside fellow freed Brit Shaun Pinner, Aiden shared a meme taken from the 2018 film Buster Scruggs.In the photo, actor James Franco can be seen looking to his left and smiling on docks with a noose around his neck.Aiden captioned the image: "When the new Westerner arrives in your prison scared of getting the death sentence in a kangaroo court.""First time?" the character asks.
Boxing champ Oleksandr Usyk seen cheering on Ukraine during draw with Scotland
Boxing world champion Oleksandr Usyk was seen cheering on Ukraine during their draw with Scotland on Tuesday night.Usyk was pictured in the crowd at the Cracovia Stadium in Krakow before and during the match as his nation closed out their Nations League campaign with a goalless draw in Poland. The match had been moved from Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict with Russia back in Usyk's home nation following the invasion earlier this year.The heavyweight title holder could be seen signing the national anthem and holding his country's flag prior to kick-off before taking in the action from his seat.READ MORE: Tyson Fury says he wants to 'strangle the life' out of Oleksandr Usyk in savage videoTuesday night's result means that Ukraine finished second in their group, two points behind Scotland, who have been promoted to League A.Usyk is an avid football fan and even signed a short-term deal with second tier Ukrainian side FC Polissya at the start of this year, before making his professional debut for the club in February.He has since returned to the ring after defending his country from invading Russian troops in the aftermath of the invasion, winning his rematch with Anthony Joshua last month.Who should Oleksandr Usyk's next opponent be? Let us know in the comments section belowUsyk successfully defended his WBA, IBO, WBO and IBF belts with a split decision victory in Saudi Arabia to move to 20-0 as a professional.The Cat has since hinted at retirement, though, but plans to fight both Tyson Fury and Canelo Alvarez before hanging up his gloves."I can have three more fights at the very most," he explained, via The Sun.
Nord Stream 2 pipeline supplying gas from Russia has pressure collapse after 'attack'
Russia to the rest of Europe, as German officials believe an attack was placed on the pipeline.The decrease in pressure of the pipeline was due to the leak, however the supply will not be affected by the leak as there was no gas being sent through the pipeline, the Daily Mirror reports.READ MORE:Busses marked 'Ukraine' suggest Russian 'fodder' conscripts sent straight to front lineThe pipeline has been at the centre of an ongoing energy war between Russia and the rest of Europe as the former's invasion of Ukraine in February earlier this year sent gas prices to astronomical prices.The energy conflict included Russia cutting off gas supplies to numerous countries and blamed sanctions placed on them by the West.Working in tandem with the Danish authorities, the German government are to investigate what exactly caused the nosedive of pressure of the pipeline.On Monday evening (September 26), the operator of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline mentioned that there was a pressure drop on both lines of the gas pipeline.On its website, Nord Stream AG said: "The reasons are being investigated".To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.The German network regulator president, Klaus Mueller, took to Twitter to say that the pressure drop in both pipelines "underscores the German network regulator's assessment that the situation is tense."Mueller was unaware of the cause of the pressure drop but did attempt to restore calm by stating that the incident had no negative impact on Germany, whose gas storage levels stand at 91%.The pipeline was initially intended to double the volume of gas flowing from St.
Russia or the Russian Federation, is a transcontinental country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Covering an area of 17,125,200 square kilometres (6,612,100 sq mi), it is the largest country in the world by area, spanning more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area, stretching eleven time zones, and bordering 16 sovereign nations. The territory of Russia extends from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, and from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Black Sea and the Caucasus in the south. With 146.7 million inhabitants living in the country's 85 federal subjects, Russia is the most populous nation in Europe and the ninth-most populous nation in the world. Russia's capital and largest city is Moscow; other major urban areas include Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Chelyabinsk.