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Tucker Carlson’s New Show ‘Tucker on Twitter’ Launches With Report About Blown Dam in Ukraine (Video)

came to reclaim from his summer home in Maine.Ep. 1 pic.twitter.com/O7CdPjF830Even in the shorter time frame, Carlson was able to touch on a few of his favorite topics of yore, including new testimony about reports of UAP (the artists formerly known as UFOs) from within the military.Carlson announced May 9 that he would be taking his show to Twitter, though no timeline was given, and Elon Musk said only that Carlson would be treated like any other content creator.It has never really been made publicly clear whether Carlson had been released from his TV contract, reported to be about $10 million annually and running through 2025, which would theoretically prevent him from starting a rival show.

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