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Prince Albert accused of hiding payments to ex-lovers from wife Princess Charlene
interview with Le Monde, one of France’s most notable newspapers, Palmero said that Albert, 65, has been paying Jazmin Grimaldi — a 31-year-old illegitimate daughter he fathered during a brief fling with Tamara Rotolo — $86,000 every three months and bought her an NYC condo that boasted a $3 million price tag.According to the Times of London, the palace also pays kidnap and ransom insurance for Alexandre Coste, 20, Albert’s illegitimate son with Nicole Coste, a former Air France flight attendant from Tonga.Palmero adds that Albert’s sisters Princess Stéphanie, 58, and Princess Caroline, 67, have both taken advantage of their brother’s finances, and have used “the crown jewels as personal fashion accessories,” he told the French publication.The allegations are based on books kept by Palmero, 67, during his time as the royal family’s accountant for over two decades.In a separate interview with French newspaper Libération, Palmero added that Albert kept a secret account at a French bank, under the initials AG, to secretly pay his former mistresses and their children.His estranged wife, Charlene, has, too, benefited from her husband’s wealth, as Palmero noted that her multi-million dollar allowance had been topped up frequently, including a whopping $1 million sum allocated just for revamping her office space.Albert has since issued a statement in response to the accusations, telling the French publication, “The attacks that [Palmero] makes against me and against the state [of Monaco] and its institutions show his true nature and the little respect … he has for the family and the principality.”His lawyer, Jean-Michel Darrois, told Le Monde that there has been no wrongdoing on Albert’s part.It has long been speculated that